Monday, September 19, 2005

"Dragonstei din Ti" by O-Zone from a tune in meh head!
"Vash the Stampede" t-shirt, maroon dance pants

Konnichiwa, minnasan! I hope everyone out there in Cyberland is doing well! ::smiles:: Just got back from NDK 2005 at midnight last night, so I didn't have time to type out a report right away. With that in mind, here it goes!



We reached Mikki's place in Laramie at 6 a.m. after driving the whole night to get there. Packing up her stuff, we arrived in Denver at the Marriott around 2 p.m. and for once, was able to get right in! CHU! We had to wait a total of five minutes for everyone to get registered and people recognized our whole group right away! We were decked out in our "Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion" outfits, and I couldn't believe how many people knew who we were! After many hugs and pictures with other fans of the series (As well as them petting my wings!), we checked into our hotel rooms. It ended up working out that we both got Non-smoking rooms on the same floor, ANNNND, they had indoor balaconies so we could watch all the action down in the art area, which was set up in the Atrium of the convention center! It was so cool, and the view was awesome! We all came down then and met up with Mike and Ashley who came with Ashley's dad. We hit the dealer's room, and I finally found Mirai and Reichan! ::BIG HUGS TO HER BUDS:: Your Prince of Tennis cosplays rocked!!! :D Snatched up some yaoi doujinshi right away, as well as scanned over the goods for tomorrow's shopping trip! Then we stood in the "Cosplay Registration Line of DOOOOOOM!" for what seemed forever. Actually, the line wasn't as bad as normal, and it did move pretty fast, but we were all tired and achy. Caught a light supper and was planning to go to the J-Pop dance, but the lack of sleep finally caught up with us! Headed to our seperate rooms and out like a light! ZZZZZZZZ....


Got up after 7 a.m., and Shareece and I grabbed Jess and we went down and had breakfast. Afterwards, Shareece and I went upstairs and I put on my red and gold China girl with little dragon wings. Shareece put on her new kimono and obi she bought and these beautiful purple butterfly wings she had. We met up with Jess wearing her dragonfly print China girl, Chani wearing her pink fairy China girl, and Mikki wearing her new kimono. Mike was with us, and he didn't have a kimono, so we put him in Jess's "Ritsu" one. ::LAUGHS:: Mike, you are the best sport! Lots of people took pics of us, many thinking we were from some kind of new hentai anime! XD Hit the dealer room and picked up some stuff for my friends as well as another doujinshi I had been looking for. They had beautiful Gothic Lolita gowns there, but they were way out of my price range, but there were wonderful to look at! After that, we had a lot more pictures taken and I snagged one of a gorgeous Gojyo and one of Sugar and Spice in their Takarazaku cosplays. (You girls are AMAZING!!) The rest of the gang then went to see the AMV's, but I had the worst back ache in a long time, and ended up taking a hot bath. Shareece came up an hour later and we got into our competition cosplays.

Shareece had her "Tohru" in the yellow dress on, Chani had her "Legend of Dragoon" on, though we had to carry the wings, Mikki had her "Samurai Deeper Kyo" gun girl cosplay, Jess had her "Ritsu" kimono on and I had my "Hello Kitty" kimono on. We hit the dealer's room one more time, and then got in line for the cosplay. I was VERY grateful not only for the water, but for Shareece's mini fan she had brought, it helped alot of us! Mirai and Reichan were with us for a while in their animal version outfits of "Kyo" and "Yuki" from Fruits Basket! They looked so awesome! The cosplay started, and it was broken up into four categories this year. There were "Kids Competition," "Costumes," "Masters," and then the actual "Cosplays." We didn't get to see any of the kids compete, so that was kind of bummer, as they're a highlight for me!

The cosplay itself moved really fast, and we were able to sit and watch the cosplays almost immediately after the costume contest. All the cosplays were wonderful, but I have to give special note to the wonderful duo who did the "Here is Greenwood" boys and danced to "Dragonstei din Ti" by O-Zone (aka the "Numa Numa" song.) Gents, just like the series, you left all of us in the audience hanging. (And we loved you for it! XD) You were awesome even if you didn't win!

The awards were given out after the Masters showed off their work. And...... I WON BEST IN TRADITIONAL JAPANESE CLOTHING! ::coughs and grins:: Gomen ne, I was just very excited! I didn't think my Hello Kitty kimono would leave that kind of impression! I was awarded a certificate and 50 dollars from the Japanese Cultural Society. Thank you all! Also, Mirai and Reichan totally rocked the awards show, winning three judge choices and second place for Best Overall! Awesome guys!

When everything was done, my Imoutochan found me and I got to meet her new boyfriend. I wish we could have spent more time together, Imoutochan, I missed you terribly! But your boyfriend was so great! I wish you both the best! ;;HUGS::

We all got out of our cosplays then and headed on over to Wendy's for a really lousy meal. Then Shareece, Jess, Mike and I went to the Rave for a while. It was a lot of fun, but I was bummed I didn't get a glow stick. ::LAUGHS:: I don't know, I just like them! Shareece and I headed back to bed then and fell asleep almost immediately! MORE ZZZZZZZZ'S.....


Got up around six and got cleaned up. When Shareece got up, we had breakfast and went back to the room and I threw on my FFX-2 Gunner Rikku cosplay for my "Final Fantasy Cosplay" panel. I seriously didn't think anyone was going to show up for it, since it was at 10 a.m. on the last day of the con. But I turned out with a really good crowd and everyone really helped me with the panel! I want to thank all the FF cosplayers who talked about their cosplay and to everyone for their input and questions. Also, a special thank you to Shareece, for helping me with my stuff for it, and giving pointers, it was a wonderful panel!

After it was done, I threw on my Akito from "Fruits Basket" and we headed back to the dealer's room for one final time. After that, we packed up all out stuff and checked out. Dropped Mikki off in Laramie and after an unitentional detour, got back into Rapid at midnight. So tired! MEGA HUGE ZZZZZZZ'S.......

Overall the con was a blast and it was awesome having my friends with me! I missed not having Sissy and Oniisan, but hopefully next year if things work out really well, we can all go! Now for my list of Pros and Cons of NDK for myself!

~Waiting in the cosplay registration line with a back ache, that was awful!
~Finding out one of my favorite on-line cosplayers is NOT that nice of a person.
~Smooshed far too many people in elevators at once.
~Impolite conduct by some of the males (Especially language) around some of the younger people.
~Accidentally miss the Takarazuka opera panel 'cuz I napped through it... =-.-=;;

~Winning "Best in Traditional Japanese Clothing" category
~Meeting Tricia from Juxtapose and having her sign a copy of one of her stories for me. (Thanks Tricia, you were so nice!)
~Getting to see Sugar and Spice in their cosplays
~Hanging with all my friends!
~Many, many inside jokes!
~Seeing the biggest jerk at the con get busted for shoplifting. (There is justice!)

Next on the list is of course what broke the waller! ::laughs::


2 Gojyo X Hakkai Saiyuki doujinshis
1 Sanzo + Hakkai Saiyuki doujinshi
1 Sanzo X Goku/Gojyo X Hakkai Saiyuki doujinshi
1 "Bootstrap Bill" Turner X Captain Jack Sparrow "PotC" doujinshi (About melted my glasses, SO HOT!!!!!!)
1 Ban X Ginji Get Backers doujinshi (For LNchan)
1 Mini Plush Hello Kitty in a Jack-o-Lantern Keychain (For Moonie)
1 Misato mini statue from Evangelion (For Sissy)
1 Rei mini statue from Evangelion (For Oniisan)

In a couple days, I'll be adding a list of random, very funny things that were said at the convention! Once again, it was an awesome time, and I'd like to thank some people on here too!


Tricia at Juxtapose for coming and showing you work!

Kevin Lilliard with for making those prints for me and being the great photographer you are!

Lionel Lum of for your continuing professional coverage of cons.

Trowa Al (aka Eurobeat King) of for your skill and the fact you're very cute! =^.~=

The Japanese Cultural Society for giving me the award and the honor that goes with it.


That's all for now, minnasan! Ja ne! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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