Friday, October 31, 2003

"What You Like" By Darren Hayes from "Spin..."
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Ohayo, minnasan, and HAPPY ALL HALLOW'S EVE!! I hope that everyone will go out there and enjoy the evening in style! In my case, I shall not, because I had a small accident Wednesday... I tripped, popped my knee and didn't think anything about it... Woke up Thursday morning and suprise, suprise, I can't bend my knee at all... Head to the doc, and next thing I know, they're scheduling me an MRI next week Tuesday to decide if surgery might be necessary... Now I've got a brace that covers 3/4th of my leg and pain killers that make me stupid... Not to mention it just dumped about four inches of ice cold snow on us today... Poor kids won't have much fun trick or treating... Other than that, I'm just going to stay inside and eat candy and watch Criss Angel on T.V. tonight...

Kichan, some day I will take you to the Vampire's Ball and we'll dance the evening away in proper Victorian gear... ::smiles::

LNchan, I hope you're doing better and I don't know if I helped answering the Shuichi question much, but I could only try... Heh, I don't know if anyone really knows actually...

Moon-chan, domo as always for the bubble... I'll just sit in here and you can feed me Skittles through one of the protective breathing holes!

Dave, I hope that you're also doing better and I miss you... Have a fun All Hallow's Eve, ne?

Cosplay news, my Arwen gown was a massive success at the Halloween Party on Wednesday night... But what was really funny was I won the award for "Best Hair!" ::laughs:: Turns out that everyone was so awed by my Arwen wig that it got more attention than the costume! Unfortunately, my knee brace does not fit under my gown, so I'll be wearing my Neo cassock this evening to answer the doors, or my Harry Potter costume... I like both, so that's not a big deal!...

That's all for today, minnasan, I hope everyone does have a really fun night and enjoys themselves safely! Domo arigato for the 9300+ (That much closer to 10,000!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =^.~=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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