Monday, November 03, 2003


Oi, I'm making a lot of these, aren't I?... I don't know, the way Blogger is acting lately, I may be moving my whole journal to my Picture Perfect site, being that this thing is messing up my posts and everything lately... Oh, if anyone needs free image hosting that allows hotlinking, please visit:

Village They're hosting a few of my banner images for now... Like this one below, providing it shows up correctly...

Remember, if you're my 10,000 hit, take a screenshot and I'll Kiriban!... After 10,000, I think I'm moving my Journal... Ja ne!... =^.~=V

MAJOR BLOG NOTE: Did Blog revamp with new template as you can see!... Works MUCHO better, so this will continue to be my main journal!... For any cosplay or yaoi cosplay news, please visit Picture Perfect! Sankyuu!...

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