Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Shiki" by w-inds from the song in my head!
Fruits Basket "Yuki" t-shirt, tan jeans, white socks

Hey there, minnasan! I hope everyone out there in Cyberland is doing well! I've been slowly recovering, and just yesterday my stitches started to break inside me. (I've been sewn from the inside out to limit the amount of scarring!) It hurts still a bit, but it's becoming more and more tolerable. I want to thank everyone out there for the wonderful get well wishes and the kind words. It's meant the world to me!

My grandmother goes and sees the kidney doctor today. Hopefully he'll have good enough news for her that she can finally go ahead and have her open heart surgery by late next week. ::crosses fingers:: The poor woman has been through so much with this and I just want her to get better as soon as possible!

Oniisan and Sissy are just counting down the days until little Bren is brought into this world! ::chuckles:: His due date is December 10th, but Sissy thinks it's going to be a little bit earlier. It's so exciting! After such a rough year for my whole family, this is a wonderful blessing!

Youkai, if you're reading this right now, (and I know you are! =^.~=), I need your new addie so I can send you something for Christmas!

Oh, and to my on-line friends I mail gifts too, they all went out in the mail yesterday, so you'll be receiving them in 2-4 days. Oh, and Moonie, you still have to wait until the 12th to start opening yours! ::laughs:: That's what evil Miracle's do, ne? XD

I'm so excited about my upcoming cosplays! Picture Perfect however may longer be updated as my cosplay journal. No one really reads it, but I've got a lot of cosplay journals located here at my Livejournal, so that's probably going to become my main journal from now on for cosplay information! Anyhoo, Shareecechan is going to match Sissy and I with our "Sister Princess" cosplays, and she's going to look so kawaii! She chose to do "Shirayuki" to match Sissy's "Chikage" and my "Aria!" Even Mike is going to go as our older brother "Wataru!" ::grinz:: Pretty kewl, ne? So it leaves me to make the following cosplays for 2006!

"Aria" from "Sister Princess"
"Jacques" from "Gensou Suikoden 3"
"White Mage Yuna" from "Final Fantasy X-2" (For our cosplay skit)
"Elegant Gothic Aristorcat" (Original design to match Shareecechan)
"Chikage from "Sister Princess" (For Sissy)
"Floral Kimono" (Original, something for Spring)

My best friend K and I are going to go and see the new "Harry Potter" movie tonight, so that'll be exciting! Oh, and for you huge PotC fans, head on over to! They've got the new trailer up for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest!" I've already watched it and laughed my head off! (Not to mention drooled on myself at the site of the all gorgeous Johnny Depp!)

Quizzy time for today comes courtesy of a Livejournal. It's not really a quiz, but I thought it was pretty funny! =^^=

What Would My "Wanted" Poster Be?

Take this quiz at

::LAUGHS:: Well everyone used to tell me I'd stumble across the one thing that was actually true!

That's all for today, minnasan! I hope everyone enters into this December with a very happy heart and a great holiday spirit! Remember the Kiriban at 20K (We're almost there!), sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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