Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Some times I really wonder about things... Mostly about, WHY THE HELL DO WE PAY PROOFERS AT MY JOB IF THEY DON'T PROOF ANYTHING?!!!!! ::coughs:: Seriously minnasan, I got my proof sheet back from my Brochure I made for next month. It was ONLY supposed to be a check to see if there were any wrong numbers or prices that the proofers missed. Heh, well they sure as hell must have missed alot because I had to REPROOF the whole flippin' brochure! My eyes hurt so dang bad that when my shift ended, I didn't even say I'd stay a bit longer, I just high tailed it out of there. Don't get me wrong, I luv my job, I just don't like our proofers.

Well, it's edging ever closer to September and I'm finally getting to gear to go and start on my Sissy and my oniisan's other costumes. It's gonna' be so kewl! Then, I'm off to doing my costume, which is always fun, but I tend to get REALLY fussy on my stuff, so it'll probably take me most of September just to get it right. Well, if I go as Yuna, there won't be much for me to do, but if I go as Rikku like my mum wants, OI!! I've got quite a project for myself. But that's okay, I luv a challenge! Otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to do Seymour for my brother. Oh, and to my Sissy, thank you so much for being there for me yesterday. ::HUGS HER SISSY TIGHTLY:: It meant the world to me and I'm so glad that you're in my life as well as my brother's. Thank you so much, I love you.

The Prologue of the new book has been written! It's tentatively titled "Timless Eternal" and it's gonna' be a good one if it goes the way my mind is going. I am so excited about this! I've got like the whole first part of the book and two chapters of the ending and the ending already completed composed in my head! Incidentally, that's how I wrote Worthing too, it was all done in my head before I even put it to paper. Ooh, and the prologue has got the best opening, "Once upon a timeless..." My mum thought it was pretty cool. Heh, Sissy's gotten to see my sketches of some of the characters, especially of Alessander and Alex... I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE TWO! I mean, I usually dig my own character, but these two are particularly special to me. =^.~=

LotR news for today, I'm beginning to wonder that the week must be dragging 'cuz I want the DVD's to come out so bad! ::groans:: I swear, I'll be counting the minutes on Tuesday when I can get off from work and buy my copy! Thank Kamisama that I get paid on Monday and will have enough left over after the bills are paid. Yum, and my old work place, BH Video has agreed to give me their REALLY BIG LotR poster! I so happy! ::does happy dance:: Oh, and to Lilysan, thank you for reading my short story. I am so glad you enjoyed it, it means so much to me as I think you're one of the best AragornXFrodo writers! Oh yah, I took another quiz, but didn't get it saved to paste here, but it was another what LotR chara are you? My personality must have changed greatly 'cuz now I'm Aragorn! ::does another happy dance:: Makes sense, I tend to think I'm the Queen! Er, or is that King?

Well, that's all for now! Man, this is an unusually long Blog ain't it? Well, it's probably just as well as I'm not sure when I'll post again as things are gonna' get really busy at work! But it'll be some time later this week I'm sure! Hey, e-mail me if you like my Blog, I always want to hear from you minnasan! Ja ne for now!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Sam's dedication to his master Frodo comes only second to his dedication to the fellowship of the food...

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