Sunday, August 18, 2002

I think I finally found a medicine that works... Please, please, PLEASE let this medicine work. I was taking a couple allergy pills at once, but that was just too much. I only weigh about ninety-two pounds so regular doses of allergy meds tend to be too much!

I found the best link on Karniz Archada's Blog yesterday. It's a competition at Tokyopop for rising stars in manga! I printed off the entry form and the rules and even made the manga sheets with the dialog squares off my Publisher program at work! I'm really excited to give it a try. I've always been more of a manga/doujinshi artist at heart than just straight illustration. I'd rather tell a story. I can't wait to give this a shot! ::BEAMS:: I think I'm gonna' use my characters from "Timeless Eternal" for the short manga story, since it originally started out as a comic, so what the heck, I'll do it again!

Took a few more quizzes again, they were quite amusing. The first one I took was to see what kind of Goth I was... ::laughs:: Oh geez, I haven't been quote a "Goth" since I was 16, I'm now what they just call "Twisted Dark Humor" but I still wanted to check it out...

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Yup, I'm a Cute Goth!... How funny is that? Well, my style of clothing and such has been described by my friends as Cutie Goth, but I'm thinking it more leans toward Cute Dark Anime Girl... I have a reputation for being a "Living Anime Girl" because of how I appear. If I were one, I'd be that adorable girl in the school fuku who's probably been slowly poisoning her teacher just for the fun of it... ::WICKED GRIN:: No seriously, I'm not that evil, but that's the kind of style I have..

Next quiz I took for today was to see what kind of Gackt I was like... Mind you, I am not a very big J-Rock fan, but for S & G's, I had to find out...

Which Gackt are you most like?

quiz by mcvarmazi

Anyone else find the song's name hard to say? ::laughs:: Oi, figured I'd be the odd one today, ne?

LotR news for today, I'm trying to debate whether or not I want to submit some fan art of Shadow and the Flame fanzine. What do you think minnasan?... I actually do realistic portraits of the actors, and I'd kinda like to submit one, but I'm a bit hesitant... Also, biting my nails over waiting for the TTT movie to come out!! Augh, I'm seeing more and more little snippets on the net and now going to Lord of the, there's far too much yumminess not to make me want to scream!! Can't it be December yet?!?!?!... I mean, normally I'm not that compulsive on things like that, but I really, really want to see the thing!!!! ...can' ::giggles:: Hai, I'm just slightly obsessive, I know!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan. Please sign my guestbook, and thanks to everyone for my 40+ hits thus far, I didn't think that many people read this thing! Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: In a desperate attempt to stop Balrog, the Fellowship through water onto the flaming beast only to realize he was just a chihuahua with a bad temper... (more an inside joke)

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