Tuesday, August 20, 2002

If I don't get to feeling any better this morning, I'll be on my way to more than a doctor... I can't believe how sick I've gotten over the past few days! My whole chest feels like it's gonna' explode and I'm getting the shakes from taking too much of my asthma medicine, but I can't breathe otherwise! I think they need to put me in bed for a couple days and keep me bundled up. Too bad I've got a job that doesn't allow for virtually ANY time off... Oi, I'll be dancing the cha-cha tomorrow... Meh boss is gonna' be gone for a few days, I need the stress relief.

Woo, I took another quiz, this time based on my all time favorite game, Bust a Move 2... Well, the whole Bust a Move series are my faves, but I adore Bust a Move 2 the most! I cosplayed as 2nd player Shorty last year! KEE!!!! Everyone I met told me I was the best Shorty that anyone had seen! My costume was almost dead on, except for the back pockets of my shorts. I made them square 'cuz I liked them better. But anyhoo, these were my results...

I took the Bust A Groove 2 character selector here!

Made by: Pixy Teri. Take it too!

::LAUGHS:: I got Heatkun!! Okay, he's actually my least favorite character to play, 'cuz I pretty much suck at using the characters that are heavy with the directional keys. BUUUUUTTTT my dear friend Moon-chan and I own the only known American StrikeXHeat shrine, so I dig the fact that I got him! My oniisan's pretty damn good with Heat. My best characters go Shorty (duh! =^.^=), Strike, and Comet! Heh, I love all the characters really, 'cept maybe Tsutomu and that's just 'cuz my oniisan can beat the socks off me with that brat! =T.T=

LotR news for today, I am SO looking forward to finally getting to sit and watch FoTR again... I've been so bored lately, but I haven't had enough time to sit and watch it, so I've been "forced" to enjoy staring at my Frodo screen saver... ::laughs:: Woo, hai, I prefer my Hobbits, what can I say? I need to start work on my Faramir painting... Maybe I'll do that once I've been deemed well enough to breathe safely. That could be a while, but I'll have something to look forward too, ne? Oooh, and there's a new poster available on Lord of the Rings.net for the TTT movie! I'm usually not really big on "scenery" posters, but this one is dark and foreboding looking, so I actually do want it! Ooh, and Topps is putting out new LotR trading cards for the TTT movie! Gah! ...must...have...cards... Riiiight, I can barely afford to get a poster, let alone those expensive things, but one can always dream, ne? ::grinz::

I had better jog out of here for today. Wow, I want to thank the 70+ people who've been reading my Blog since I posted the counter. Please, if you get a chance, sign my Guestbook, hai? It's just below the last listing under my Cliche/Clique section. I'd greatly appreciate it! Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: As Boromir fell, the arrows piercing his body, he could only gaze upwards, eyes held to the sky and think, "Damn, I'm not gonna' be in the sequel..."

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