Monday, August 26, 2002

Things have been so busy at the office today, I almost didn't make my post! ::LAUGHS:: Not that I'm supposed to be posting on this thing right now, but I needed a break from staring at real estate flyers! That can get on the nerves very quick. Anyhoo, it's good to take a quick break.

::chuckles:: My Sissy took the dessert quiz I posted last time and she got a "scone..." This is really funny, 'cuz she's got this binder that's almost busting exclusively of JUST scone recipes! She makes the best scones incidentally! ::flutters eyelashes cutely at Sissy in hopes she can get some:: I'm envious of my Oniisan for getting to eat them more than I do! ::pouts:: Anyhoo, for all of your enjoyment, I took another quiz that was actually not LotR or anime related. This was what Time period I would belong too...

Take This Quiz!

Yahhhh, that seriously sums me up. I'd rather go about living in a future invented by Geiger than have to go and live back when woman had to wear dresses and be prissy... Heh, for anyone who knows my new manga/novel I'm making, there's this character called Red, who dresses like a man, talks like a man, but is definately a girl. She believes that women shouldn't have to wear dresses and act the normal role because it's unfair. ::chuckles:: She's SO kewl and her mate, a large cocoa skinned man named Jag really has to put up with her! She's heavily based on me, which is the closest I've ever gotten to "self inserting" myself into anything.

LotR news for today, I finally got my Karl Urban as Eomer painting up in my office. I was really surprised how many people really liked it! It's dark, a touch disturbing, but really romantic. Then again, most of my art tends to have a touch of disturbing to it. I just finished laying the sketch for my Dave Wenham as Faramir painting. He's completely surrounded by autumn leaves, so it's going to be so beautiful! I was going to have him leaning in talking to Frodo, but for some reason I just like him alone like that. Oooh, and I've seen even more shots of those collector cards from Topps! ::SOBS:: I SO need to get unbroke! ::laughs:: I'm even thinking about saving up with my best friend Yukichan and her and I heading to RingCon in Washington next year. After all, we'll have the costumes for it! ::GRINZ:: I'm so psyched to get started on that too! Oh, and if anyone gets the chance to visit Lily Baggins Live Journal, she's got the mother of all mocking Mary Sues on it! ::EVIL GRIN:: She totally toasts all those terrible Mary Sues out there! ::hugs Lily:: It's well worth it!

Anyhoo, I best head out before I get someone reading over my shoulder again. That just gets annoying, especially around here. Please minnasan, give my Guestbook a sign, I'm curious who actually reads these things! Ja ne for now! =^.~=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Frodo briefly questioned Aragorn's intent when he swore to Frodo that by patting Frodo's backside, he was only checking for injuries... (for my fellow AragornXFrodo fanatics again!)

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