Thursday, August 22, 2002

::GRINZ:: The bossss iiissss sstttilll away!!!! Oi, too much influence from Gollum I think... No seriously, I've been really enjoying my job since the boss has been away! The secretary, Janet (who's totally kewl) and I have been laughing like crazy. It's so much fun now that I don't have someone staring over my shoulder all the time! Yosha!

Heh, I took another quiz, this time it's non anime or LotR related. They had this funny little quiz to find out what kind of dessert you are. I have to say, my results were totally yummy!!

Take the Dessert Quiz

Isn't that the best?!!! I LOVE BAKLAVA!!! I admit, I only get it during Christmas, and I can't eat very much of it, but it's sooooo delicious, it's worth waiting until the holidays just to have a little! ::starts drooling:: Okay, I'm fine... Now, I want Christmas to get here for another reason. The first being LotR premiere... ::giggles:: I get to be Aragorn... YAY ME!!!

LotR news for today, does Faramir get any more delicious?!!!!! Please minnasan, help me find more Faramir pictures, I'm trying to make a collage black and white sketch for my imoutochan, fondly known as Faramirchan, as I am known as Boromirchan by her. ::giggles:: No seriously, she's about as obsessive as I can be about the BoromirXFaramir pairing and I REALLY want to give her a nice picture. Does anyone have any links that could help me? Oooh, and if anyone knows when they're selling the new Topps cards, please let me know! I know I'll only be able to afford barely a couple packages, but still, I can always pray for those luscious Frodo, Faramir, and Aragorn cards? Mmmm... Aragorn... Soaked in the rain... Sooooo goood.... ::gets all dreamy:: Okay, must stop now before I end up drooling myself unconcious between thoughts of eating baklava and thoughts of Faramir... Or thoughts of Faramir eating baklava... Gah, I'm such a hentai!! XDDDDD

Anyhoo, that's all for today. Gomen minnasan that this Blog isn't much longer, but I've been pretty busy. Ooh, please, please PLEASE sign my guestbook, I would forever be grateful! And thank you to the 100+ people who've visited my Blog since I put the counter up, you guyz are the best! Ja ne for now! =^.~=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: C'mon you know you've wondered what's in Lembas that make the Elves so cheerful haven't you?!

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