Wednesday, January 22, 2003

"Spin" by Darren Hayes from "Spin"

IT'S COLD, IT'S COLD, IT'S COLD!!!!!!! Oh Kamisama, it's currently zero degees with a wind chill factor of negative 15! The office is chilled, I've got a turtleneck, a V-neck sweater and if necessary a sweatshirt to pull over it on! Even then, my hands are frozen and I'm having a hard time typing! Oi, I almost forget why I live in South Dakota. I know it's for the beautiful scenery, the fresh air and the soft ways, but NOT for the winters! I think I just froze my fingers to this keyboard... =-.-=;;

Anime and manga news, in least I get to go to Borders tomorrow after dinner and see if they've got any new and/or interesting manga. Please let them have a new edition of "Mars" in least, I'm dying to know what happens to Rei and Kira! Who'd have thought I'd really like a shoujo manga, ne? To the point that I really love the main guy/girl couple. Not often I care much for that kind of thing. I might also go and check out the new DVD's at Suncoast. It'll just be wishful thinking, but I would love to have the 13 episodes to "Hellsing" right now. It's more shonen, so it tends to bend to my tastes.

Quiz Time for today once again comes compliments of I was in a "Slayers" mood like I was in a "Sailormoon" mood yesterday, so I took a Slayers related quiz!

What Kind of Slayers Fan Am I?

What Kind of Slayers Fan Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
The Artist: You just love to manipulate the characters for your own twisted mediums. Whether it's fanart or fanfics or something completely different, you enjoy putting the Slayers characters in different situations than what the creators originally intended. Just make sure you don't go OOC...

Well, that doesn't suprise me! ::chuckles:: After having written The Worthing Saga and still planning on writing the next book, I guess I've carved a small niche in the Slayers fan fiction world? My Imoutochan and her otakuchan even dedicated a small portion of their cosplay skit last year to a sequence in Worthing. I was more than flattered! ::hugs her imoutochan::

LotR news for today, edging ever closer to heading home and claiming another pack of LotR cards. It's funny, now that I have my Frodo and Faramir, I seriously want any cards that picture Legolas and Gimli together. Hai, I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I just love how the two interact. I'd also like to get a "greasy" Aragorn pic and an "ungreasy" Aragorn card. ::laughs:: Poor Aragorn, he still doesn't look like he washes his hair, even in the rain!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Hopefully it'll get a touch warmer tomorrow. Domo arigato for 3350+ hits (DANG!), sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Legolas's New Motto: I Run Because I Have Too, Not to Make My Already Perfect Legs Better...

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