Tuesday, March 18, 2003

"Diamonds and Pearls" by Prince and the New Power Generation from "Prince: The Hits Volume One..."

I just finished making jello for my mum. She came down with this AWFUL 24 hour stomach virus that results in a lot of unpleasant moments. Her coworker caught it and unfortunately gave it to her, so I've been mum for the day. I really haven't minded, Pop and I went to Spearfish to run errands and do my dress fitting for my friend's wedding, then we had lunch. He's currently taking apart a shelf to fix and Mum is actually getting color back in her face and has been able to keep soup, a popsicle and some crackers down, so I figure that's a plus! Now, my pop and I are just praying we're not the next to get it, Oi!!!! ::gives a weak smile::

Cosplay musings, I just put the red and yellow stripes around my gray V-neck sweater for my Harry Potter costume! The only thing I'm missing now are the patches for my house and the whole outfit will be done. Kinda' strange when you end up doing impromptu costumes like this, ne? I'm hoping to get my Rikku top done by tonight or tomorrow. I admit, I'm getting a bit bored with the outfit, but it's turning out really cute even though! I just have to do the headband, make the belt with her bags, find a close semblance of her white and blue boots and finish styling the wig! The great thing for me is that I know I'll be done with ALL the costumes long before NDK rolls around so I can work on some other seamstress things that need to be done! I love making costumes to the extreme, but I also like making clothes for myself, which is my plan for the winter, since I'm SICK of trying to find clothing that fits!

Anime musings, I discovered a rather unusual anime by accident called "Argento Soma." It's sorta' retelling of the classic Frankenstein story with a very big Sci-Fi twist. It also seemed like an Evangelion rip-off, but it's much more messed up than that. Plus, the lead that becomes the "Frankenstein" like character is covered in scars and was created to be a cross between an angel and a fairy. Naturally, I was instantly in love! ::laughs:: What do I have with scars? Anyhoo, I haven't seen any of it yet, but it really looks good, the animation and character designs are VERY distinctive, I've not seen any anime use this particular look for characters. Perhaps I'll pick it up soon, ne?

Quizzy time for today comes from a random site I found with a bunch of quizzes. I even forgot why the heck I took this one! ::laughs::

You're like Yuuhi!

You are the kind-hearted "hero" who often comes to the aid of your friends when they are in trouble. Sometimes you get pushed into doing things that you don't want to do. You're sweet, though you have a temper.

I can see myself as Yuuhisan! Perhaps not as much the temper, but I do love to aid my friends and hai, I some times feel like I get pushed into things... But not often!

LotR news for today, I walked by an Oscar preview TV Guide and was really ticked that not ONE! picture of TTT was featured on the front! Sheesh, I know it didn't get the nominations that FotR did, but still it was nominated for Best Picture this year! I hope RotK wipes the floor at the Oscars next year, that will show them. On another point in news, I visited the wonderful JOMMYWORKS again and if you have the addie, she's started doing some of her work/links in English! Her site is wonderful and easy to navigate, so if you're a massive Boromir fan and know how to get to her site, go and visit again! She's been doing a TON of gorgeous CGs again!

Well, minnasan, that's all for today. It's dumping rain/snow upon us once again and we're supposed to be getting hit by our "last big snowstorm" tonight. I can only hope that is true. Domo arigato for the 4700+ (!!!!!!!!!!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Arwen's Theme Song: "Beautiful Girl"

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