Thursday, April 10, 2003

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Ohayo, minnasan, I usually don't make this late of a post, but I was rather inspired tonight! I wrote another short fic, it's actually REALLY WAFFy, especially for me, but I wanted to cheer up some of my otakuchan and really get them to smile. If you're a massive fan of 58 (GojyoXHakkai) of Saiyuki like I am, than this is just the fic for you! This little fic was inspired by a random doodle I did of the boyz, was so moved by it, I wrote this!

Domo arigato to everyone for visiting and the 5200+ (WOW!) hits, continue to sign my Guestbook onegai and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!) P.S. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets comes out tomorrow! Go and buy it, I get to wear my HP costume to work tomorrow, WOO-HOO!!

By: Miracle Shining

AUTHOR'S NOTES: "Gensomaden Saiyuki" is property of Kazuya Minekura, ENIX, and Sony Incorporated. Please do not sue, I have no money. This is a YAOI fan fiction piece, so please be of your legal age in your state or country to read this. FLAMES WILL BE BLATANTLY IGNORED! Enjoy! =~.^=V

PAIRING: GojyoXHakkai (58)

RATING: R to Hard R

WARNINGS: WAFF, light humor, mid-level sensuality, pointless excuse for a shower scene... CHU!

SUMMARY: While Hakkai is showering, Gojyo realizes he hasn't hugged his friend in a LONG time... ::grinz::

SPECIAL NOTE: Dedicated to my dear friends LNchan, Kichan, Moon-chan, and meh Sissy, who have been there for me and I hope I'll be able to be as great a friend to them! (The use of the word chestnut for haircolor is a personal joke between LNchan and me! ::chuckles::)


Hakkai closed both of his emerald eyes, letting the hot water sluice down his aching shoulders and over his stiff back. His chestnut hair flattened as the small diamond like drops slid down his face and splashed down into the drain. It had been far too long since he, or any of his other companions had had a proper inn to stay in with warm water. The soft spoken man sighed pleasurably as he let his head drop forward, enjoying the warmth massaging his tired neck and protesting muscles. The brunette was secretly amused to find that when they came to a hault finally, poor Hakuyruu had immediately transformed back into it's dragonet form and had pleaded to be picked up. Hakkai was all to glad to oblige, the small white dragon was his dearest friend next to the roguish red head he shared the room with this evening. Hakkai felt a real smile, though small, draw on his lips as he thought about his dear best friend.

Gojyo sat on the cushy chair in the room he and Hakkai were sharing for the evening. Taking a slow drag off his cigarette, he leaned back and sighed pleasurably. Pushing some of his blood red locks from his ruby eyes, he watched with amusement as Hakuryuu finished off the last of a large ice cream sundae and was settling down in Hakkai's abandoned white sash for the night. Gojyo was extremely fond of the small dragon and considered his his next best friend besides Hakkai. The sun tanned man felt a fond smile slide over his lips as he thought about Hakkai standing in the shower. His brown haired companion was generally quite frugal with bathing, always insisting that Gojyo, Goku or even the almighty Sanzo take a shower or bath before him. Gojyo had convinced the emerald eyed man to go ahead of him this time. He knew Hakkai needed it much more than him and Gojyo needed a cigarette at that time more than getting clean.

Another halo of soft grayish smoke left the half breed's lips before he let his mind wander back to his slender friend under the water.

"Huh... Funny, I can't remember the last time I hugged Hakkai..." Gojyo's thoughts wandered aimlessly.

The random thought stopped the red head and he sat more up, actually thinking about his wandering idea. It was in fact true, he couldn't remember the last time that he had hugged the human turned youkai. When they had lived together, it seemed like they hugged, embraced or cuddled on the couch every morning and every late night. But since the journey to the west had begun, Gojyo could not place a single finger on any time that he had actually hugged Hakkai.

"I should fix this before it drives me nuts." Gojyo muttered softly to himself.

The ruby eyed man heard the shower water slow down and then come to a soft patter before haulting all together. Smiling more broadly, he stripped off his white tank and his tight black pants, tossing them aimlessly on the floor. Waiting by the bathroom door, he leaned against the side wall as the wooden door creaked open quietly, Hakkai stepping out, towel around his waist. The green eyed man glanced up, shocked to see Gojyo looking down at him, quite naked.

"Gojyo!" Hakkai let out a surprised yelp, letting go of his towel in the process.

The warm skinned man could only smile wider and wrapped his arms around his shocked friend, pulling Hakkai tightly against himself, shower slickened skin that smelt of soft soap and sweet flowers pressed against musk and sweat touched skin.

Hakkai didn't have time to react, he could only stand in Gojyo's arms, his own arms hanging limply by his sides. He knew his cheeks were most likely a blazing shade of red to match Gojyo's hair dangling in front of his eyes. Pulling back slightly, his monocle still a bit steamed from leaving the shower room, he tried to open his mouth, but no words managed to reach his suddenly dry lips.

Gojyo just continued to smile down at Hakkai, his one arm sliding upwards, his fingertips brushing against the back of Hakkai's head gently.

"I just remembered it's been way too long since I hugged you..." Gojyo's words were soft, gentle and very loving as was the expression on his face.

The emerald eyed man blinked a couple more times before his bad eye scrunched slightly in amusement. Still blushing quite heavily, his own arms seemed to come to life again, sliding upwards and wrapping around Gojyo's upper back, palms flattening over a well toned back.

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" came Hakkai's gentle reply, one of his rare real smiles shining through, his gaze equally as loving.


The red haired man pulled Hakkai closer, the embrace growing tighter, their bodies creating a delicious friction between them as wet skin brushed back and forth with dry in all the right places. Hakkai closed his eyes, letting his head rest on Gojyo's shoulder as the ruby eyed man sighed pleasurably in the brunette's ear.

Pulling back just enough, their lips glided over each other's, new and as familiar as their own. Sharing slow kiss after slow kiss, they both grew more flushed as their lips became more locked, their kisses deeper and more demanding, but still slow and gentle.

Finally, Hakkai leaned back, breath shallow and slight against Gojyo's mouth.

"That is quite a hug, Gojyokun..."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, 'Kai..." came the quick reply.

Hakkai didn't ask questions as Gojyo walked him backwards into the bathroom, his towel a long forgotten memory as he found himself back in the shower, water quickly sliding down his still damp skin, Gojyo's hands doing much more caressing to him than the water could ever do.


"Mmmm, yes Hakkai?"

"C-could you hug me tomorrow too?"

Gojyo looked up from where he was on his knees, a look that was both lustfull and full of reverance.

"I plan to... Every single chance I get..."

Hakkai just smiled back, knowing after all that Gojyo was a man of his words...


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