Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Ohayo minnasan. Well, I can say that today has sucked royally. I woke up this morning at 6 a.m. only to stand and then almost keel over in utter pain. (Mind you, I can take ALOT of pain!) I told my mum, next thing I know, I'm being whisked off to the ER in Spearfish ten miles away and I can't even sit up straight without feeling like I'm being torn apart inside.

Got the ER, doc looks and is "happy" persay to see that it's my left side and not my right. Your right side has the appendix, so we knew then it wasn't appendicitis. But he was still really concerned and before I know it, I'm getting blood taken out of one arm and getting an IV pushed into the other! Then they shoot Toradol right through the IV since I'm allergic to narcotics and I'm feeling pretty damn good by that time!

He gets back and tells me that I had a ruptured cist on one of my ovaries and it had exploded inside of me, thus flushing my system with all the painful fluid that comes with it. Fortunately, it's nothing overly terrible, just a VERY PAINFUL experience. Oddly enough, this happened to me last year about the same time, but this cist this time was much smaller, thank Kamisama. On an even odder note, there were three women in the ER at the same time as me this morning with exactly the same thing. Makes me wonder what's in the air, ne?

Anyhoo, I got the IV out of me when I felt healthy enough to move. He gave me a prescription for Vioxx, aka Toradol light and told me that I had to stay off my feet for a couple days until all the fluid has "reabsorbed" into my ovarain walls. So, I can't have solid food for today and I'm starving to death, since I'm used to eating six times a day. I can't sit up for long periods, so anyone I chat with normally at night won't be able to talk to me for at least a few days, maybe not even until next week. If you have my phone number, you're welcome to call me though... I'm glad that I was blessed with this not being anything worse though and that my health will be okay...

Overall, I'm trying to remember that I'm grateful to be a girl... RIIIIIGHT....

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