Wednesday, June 25, 2003

"Looking for the World" by Masami Nomiyama from the "Gensomaden Saiyuki: Image Album Volume 1" soundtrack

Well, minnasan, I'm back from my weekend at home. It was a bit of a fun weekend, I got to go Christmas tree hunting with my 'rents and see our local Parade of Light, which IMO was much nicer than the one in Rapid City. The people in my town seemed to have worked harder on the floats. On the down and down, I am SO sick of being sick... I've been ill for the past two weeks and today I just got worse. ::sighs:: So, I have to go see the doctor on Friday and this is seriously what they have to look for too, I have to go and see if I am anemic enough to require a blood transfusion. Isn't that just nutty? I hope that I'm not, I hate IV's, I've had way too many of them in my arms over my young life to want another one. Then again, if I do need one and ONLY if I do, it probably would make me feel a whole lot better, ne?

Saiyuki news for today, I found a pretty damn kewl Saiyuki calender for 2003 on Ebay that I really want, but there's no way I can afford them, they're so expensive! There are two variations of the calender, I want Variation A with the boyz in some really hot street clothes. Something about Sanzo and an open shirt can do it to me all the time. ::chuckles:: Oh, and Minekurasama just got her new site up! A must to see if you want to see her other pieces of work. She's got a "realistic" Sanzo pic that's to die for and her section "Knockout Drops" is dedicated to her SHONEN AI work, "Wild Adaptor," my 2nd favorite piece of work by her, followed very closely by "Stigma." She's got some wonderful "Adaptor" pics on there on the main shonen ai couple and worth a visit!

QUIZZETH TIME for today is brought from a new source. I visited Moon-chan's Livejournal and was feeling really goofy, so I went ahead and took this one...

What Kind of Bust Do I Have?

From Four-Pronged Fork - The Boob Quiz~ You are Lina!

::LAUGHS:: Now if that isn't the truest statement! I seriously have a Lina Inverse bust, maybe even smaller! I figured I had to take a silly quiz like this to counteract the previous one a couple days back of what Big Busted Anime Girl I was! ::chuckles:: I like the result of this, I must keep this one for future reference!

LotR news for today, looks like my otakuchan and I are heading to see the TTT matinee on Sunday, the 22nd. I really wanted to see it on the premiere night, but I've got no one to go with, and I don't really want to stand out in the cold on Wednesday after a long day at work. Mind you, I'm completely addicted to LotR, but I'm not that addicted that I can't survive until Sunday or until a friend goes with me. Oh, and here's a pointless little bit of LotR trivia. My coworker Jason and I were listening to the radio in the office on Friday and Led Zepplin's "Ramblin' On" came on the station. Did you know that the guyz in Zepplin wrote that song about the LotR series? Jason said the lyrics along with the song and sure enough, it starts from Frodo leaving the Shire, the stop in Rivendell, the travels through Mordor, him losing his finger from Gollum at the firey pit of Mount Doom and he and Sam's return to Minas Tirith. How kewl is that, ne?

Well, that's all for today. Gomen nasai, this is a bit of a long Blog, but I figured I haven't posted a lengthy one for a while. ::smiles:: Anyhoo, domo arigato for all the hits, sign my guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now minnasan! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Ten days until the TTT premiere and you've locked your tickets in the safe, whispering "My Precious" over and over again...

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