Friday, June 27, 2003

"You're the Inspiration" by Chicago from VH1 Classics on T.V....

Ohayo, minnasan! Gomen nasai that I haven't posted things for a while, but it's my first day off from working an eight day continual stretch, and the first time I've had a chance to post! I would like to say that after this morning, I think EVERYONE should have the pleasure of taking a Japanese bath. My best friend Jenn gave me a Japanese bath kit as her gift to all her bridesmaids. I decided today since it was my day off I'd use it. I went through all the setting up, including adding the plants, lighting the candle and burning the incense. I can tell you, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! I haven't felt this at peace and relaxed in literally ages. I even went ahead and put on my silk kimono (since I don't own a ayukata) and sat an observed nature through a sunny window. I think Americans would definately be a lot less stressed if we all would try the Japanese technique of bathing. I feel completely comfortable and at peace with everything around me today!

Cosplay news for today, I am pleased to say that my suprise costume is completely finished. I just need one minor accessory and I can call it a done deal! I'm actually giving a costuming and theatre presentation to the little girls I teach in church this evening. ::smiles:: I'm really excited 'cuz all of them are really artsy and into theatre and music, so it's gonna' be a lot of fun! I just have to finish a couple things then on my Rikku costume and everything will be good for me and Sissy. Then it's finding a white trenchcoat for Oniisan's "Subaru" costume and we'll be clean to go!

LNchan, I hope you feel better. You poor thing, if it's not one thing it's the other! ::sends lots of healing hugs:: Moon-chan, I miss you sugar cane! I'm thinking of you always and you can even have my shadow minion to entertain you! Kichan, miss you baby, sending you lots of luv! To meh youkai, remember that comment you made about me and cars? ::grinz:: I think you might be right... ::waggles eyebrows suggestively:: Anyhoo... ::laughs::

Quizzeth Time for today comes compliments of the great site Ydoc, 'cuz they have the cutest quizzes and some of the funniest questions!

What Anime Shoujo Cutie Am I?

What Shoujo Cutie Are You?
What Shoujo Cutie Are You?

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