Friday, July 04, 2003

"Be With You" by Enrique Iglesius from a cassette single...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, MINNASAN AND 100TH ANNIVERSARY TO MY HOMETOWN! ::chuckles:: Well, I went out last night and went and saw a movie, which I'll get to later. Then K and I went to the local town carnival. Man, I haven't rode real carnival rides in about three years! Total damage from the little visit counting stuff I did today with my 'rents when we walked through...

2 rides on "The Spider"
1 ride on the "Paratrooper"
1 ride on the "Zipper"
1 run through of the "Mysteries of the Nile" funhouse
1 new Vin Diesel "XXX" poster
2 caramel apples
1 slightly upset stomach

::laughs:: Overall though, I have to say that it was a lot of fun! The movie K and I saw was "Terminator 3" and on Nick and I's rating scale, I give it a Very Good. It wasn't as great as I thought it woudl be, but it was still awesome to see at the theatre. All of us loved the "Hildago" preview in the opening. The beginning of "Hildago" was taped in Hot Springs, a town about two hours from us. My mum's coworker Larry is actually in the movie, he was brought down to make sure that everything stays historically accurate. (He actually portrays one of our famous Old West legends in Deadwood every summer!) Anyhoo, he got to hang out with Viggo Mortenson alot, and became really good friends with him! Who knows, maybe I'll actually get to meet the "real" Aragorn some day, ne? CHU!

Cosplay news, I'm pleased to say that I only have to add the final accessory to my cosplay costume and it's all complete. I'm actually making a third one based after a popular character that's going to have more of a J-Pop look to it for the Rave on Saturday night. My other two costumes are MUCH too heavy to move in and as much as I love to dance, that would be impossible!

QUIZZETH TIME for today comes compliments of and once again feeds my continuing and growing worse each minute "Matrix" obsession...

What Matrix Reloaded Character Am I?

The Twins
You are The Twins!
Mysterious twins who live in the matrix. Are not
bound by any laws or restrictions of the

Which Matrix Reloaded Character Are You? -Tiny Spoilers-
brought to you by Quizilla

::grinz:: Yay, I get to be two of them and as evil and psychotic as I want to be! Not that that changes very much, ne

Well, that's all for today, minnasan. I hope everyone enjoys the whole 4th of July weekend, I actually have to go back to work tomorrow. Blech. Domo arigato for all the hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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