Tuesday, July 08, 2003

"The Need to be Naked (Thunderpussycat Mix)" by Amber from Digital Dance Radio...

Ohayo, minnasan, gomen nasai that I haven't posted again for a while... I hope that everyone had a very good 4th of July and have recovered from any and all activities. I'm pleased to say that I am actually feeling relatively well for once, I'm sure Moon-chan is happy about that! ::smiles::

Speaking of my dear friend, Moon-chan, I want to thank her here too for all the wonderful birthday gifts that she sent me last week! Chu! She gave me a plushie Frog which I named "Frog..." Oi, I'm really creative, aren't I? She also gave me Nutrigrain bars, (Yumm!), tattoo pens (which I've been having a hey day with!) and more body glitter! They are all so loverly, domo arigato sweetie! ::huge hugs::

Cosplay news, I have to now move on to finding a white trenchcoat or a light enough colored trench that I can dye white for my Oniisan's Subaru costume! He's gonna' be one of the few blonde Subaru's, since I don't really want him dying his hair that dark, he'd look like an albino then! ::chuckles:: I just finished making Sissy's cross necklace for her Misato costume, and it's currently drying above my computer! I did the last final things to my suprise cosplay costume and now I have to go back to my FFX-2 Rikku costume and finally make the belt and bags... I've putting it off WAY too long!

Get to go and see "The Pirates of the Caribbean" late tomorrow night with my mum! It's gonna' to be so much and I can't wait! Anyone who knows me knows I have a serious thing for pirates! I even wrote an AU Slayers yaoi fic just so I could make Gourry a pirate! ::grinz:: And the fact that the movie has Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, I'm thinking I'm gonna' be able to churn out some pretty dang sexy slash!

Just random musings here, you know how certain things just float through your mind for no apparent reason? Well, here was a list of things that were floating through my mind over the past week...

Why does everyone use my video store to deposit their gum?

Why haven't they fixed my Blog yet?

Why do the boys across the street continually pester me about having one of my cats?

Why in bodice ripper novels don't any of the men or women look at their partner and go "Eh, I've had better..."?

Why do most new yaoi writers feel that everything has to be utterly smut laden to be effective? (This is a personal thing I've noticed lately...)

Why haven't I been able to lick Vin Diesel's head yet?

And most of all...

Why is it when you plan for one thing, and then you agree to go to another, you really should have stuck with the original?...

Okies, enough of that, Quiz time for today comes compliments of Ydoc again, since I really like their quizzes, not to mention their website layout!

What Video Game Villian Am I?

From the "Soul Reaver" Series
What Video Game Villain Are You?

::chuckles:: I'm not too surprised by this, I really do love Kain. It's nice to know that I can be that dark and insane when it calls for it, ne?

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Domo arigato for the 7000+ (WOAH!! YOU DO READ THIS!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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