Wednesday, January 21, 2004

"Woman in Chains" by Tears for Fears from VH1 Classics on T.V...
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Konniichiwa, minnasan!... I hope everyone out there in Cyberland is doing quite well!... I actually shouldn't be typing right now, I had an incident a couple days ago with getting my left pinky caught in between the door and the lock of our screen door... Of course, I think it's okay, don't bother much until later that night. It takes me a moment of bending it to realize I have in fact put a slight fracture through it... Needless to say, typing hurts a bit, but I'm bored and I really wanted to update my Blog too!...

I apparently didn't get the job I was hoping... ::sighs:: They never got back to me, so either they haven't decided, or they just decided not to notify me... Nonetheless, I'm keeping my chin up... I know that inevitably something will come up, and I'll be working again!... ::smiles::

LNchan, I should be on-line tonight about 10-ish my time, even if my pinky is being a bugger!... After all, what would the Dynamic Duo do if they didn't have a certain raven haired interest to paint, ne?... ::PRIVATE JOKE!! XD::

Nate, you truck on over to my Deviantart account, I finished your Crazy Captain John Figg 10,000th hit Kiriban pic! Finally!... Gomen nasai it's not colored, and I realized too late that Figg is missing one more thing outside of his middle finger on his left hand... He doesn't have his goatee in the pic, so I'll fix that and give it to you in color when you visit...

Kichan, remind me to download whatever proggie I need to listen to your entry, hai?... ::feels technologically inferior::

Moon-chan, I miss you sweetie! ::HUGE HUGS:: Hopefully we can talk to each other soon, ne?...

Well, with all the shout-outs done, I'm pleased to give some very great cosplay news! My Final Fantasy Cosplay Panel has been completely approved for Nan Desu Kan in Denver this year! YOSHA! So if you're going to be down there for the con, stop in and listen to my seminar, it's only going to be an hour long! For more information on the panel and my continued cosplay updates, please visit Picture Perfect, which has been updated a couple times again!

Quizzy Time for today comes compliments of Jadesan's Livejournal!

What Kind of Angel Am I?

Hey Look I'm a Exotic Angel...What Angel Are You?

Yay! I get to be happy and wonderfully colorful too!... I hope I get to have really pretty wings! =^.^=

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Domo arigato for all the hits, remember the Kiriban at 12345 (Screenshot is needed for verification!), sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now!... =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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