Monday, February 09, 2004

"Holding My Own" by The Darkness from "Permission to Land"
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Konnichiwa, minnasan! Gomen nasai that I haven't posted for quite some time, but I've been a cross between uber busy and sick! BLECH! But I've had quite a few amusing things happen these past few days, so hopefully I'll be able to get them all on this journal!...

My big thing was last week Thursday I went up to the Animal Sanctuary with my pop to pick up some things for my mum... Mike, my gentleman who runs the sanctuary, invited us to come and see his young cougars... Because we've known him for so long, we got to do something that no one else usually gets too! He opened up the cage and let us in to play with them! SO MUCH FUN!! They weigh about as much as me right now, and they tackled my pop quite a lot! They would try to pull off my gloves and yanked on the sleeves of my coat. Then they would get on their hind legs and put their huge paws around me, so I could give them big hugs! Oh, and they purr so loud when they're happy!... I seriously can't wait to do it again!... CHU!

LNchan, gomen nasai that we've been missing again! I won't be on-line tonight 'cuz I have to take another shot of my medicine and that'll make me stupid... But I will be definately on-line tomorrow!

Moon-chan, I miss you sweetie! ::BIG HUGGLES:: Looking forward to seeing you again!

Jadesan, I'm so glad you got the new chapter and liked it! Hopefully I'll be able to get chapter five out much easier now that I've fixed that plot hole...

Starchan, I'm so glad you liked the PotC fan art! I'm so looking forward to getting those CDs you're sending and I'll definately starting working on your UFO plushie request as soon as I can!

Whew, that was quite a few shout-outs for today! ::chuckles:: Anyhoo, my pop went out a couple days ago and bought the new "The Darkness" CD, "Permission to Land!" The album just rocks, I am so glad there is this kind of music being made right now! In fact, I'm going to give a quite OPINIONATED overview of each of the songs... (In other words, my opinion may not match yours again...)

Black Shuck: I'll openly admit that this is probably the least favorite of my songs on the CD... But it's got one KILLER guitar through it, and if you can keep up with the lyrics and the "fire and brimstone" tongue-in-cheek attitude of it, it's a blast! I think this would be a great song to hear at a party after everyone has had too much to drink and it's a free for all!...

Get Your Hands Off My Woman: Refreshing, rough, smart... And totally a song that I want to hear during the Sturgis Bike Rally at one of the sleazy biker bars that pops up... ::grinz:: Very wicked, very funny!

Growing On Me: Quirky... That's about the only way I can describe this song... But very good use of Justin's vocals and you can really hear Frankie's bass, and Ed's drums... But the defining aspect of this song is Dan's guitar, the chords somehow make an otherwise cheeky song sound that much more put together...

I Believe in a Thing Called Love: My 2nd favorite song on the album... It has SUCH an arena rock sound to it... Great vocals, hooky melody and some very dirty lyrics that'll keep you humming for days! It's my pop's favorite overall, so I give this one a major thumbs up! Oh, and the video is absolutely hilarious if you haven't seen it yet... In the words of one of my deviart mates... "I want to be molested by a fuzzy purple alien..." Get my drift?...

Love is Only a Feeling: The true "power ballad" on the album, it reminds me so much of early Def Leppard, wonderful soaring vocals with emotional underlying music... The kind of song that makes you remember how much you loved or hated your first experience with true love... Fabulous piece...

Givin' Up: Fun and silly, the lyrics and the music go hand in hand... My pop and I about died laughing when we really listened to the words... Very good party song!

Stuck in a Rut: Hard rocking with a definate touch of Southern blues... I'm not overly fond of this song, but it's got a catchy beat and I could see this one actually becoming a really big hit for the group!...

Friday Night: UBER cute!!... Think of the pop-ish song by "The Cure" called "Friday I'm in Love" and you've got the same idea for this song... Very fun, this would be the kind of song I'd like a boy to play for me if he really dug me!...

Love on the Rocks with No Ice: THE stripper song... I want this song to be played in every male strip joint around and it should be mandatory at Chippendales... 'Nuff said... XD

Holding My Own: The second "power ballad" on the album and my all-time favorite on the whole CD... But before you think it's all about romance, it is a very lovely and romantic song... But my hats go off to the group for writing such sexy, beautiful music to go with lyrics all about self pleasure... ::grinz wickedly:: Smart, sassy, and very smooth, the song will bring you almost to tears until you realize what it's about... Then you might think otherwise... (Heh, and Justin's soft climax at the end of the song really pulls it all together...)

With that short review done, Quizzy time for today was stolen off someone's LJ, but I don't know who!...

What famous actor should I mess around with?...

Viggo Mortensen~ Ah yes. You go for the dark
european type. Nice choice. You want a man with
power and who can take control of any
situation. You also want a man with money who
has big plans for his life. Hmmm, domination

What famous actor should you mess around with? (9 hot pics!)
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And NO ONE in my reading audience is suprised! ::CACKLES:: I don't know if I would want Viggo to go and take control... But I might enjoy dominating instead!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Domo arigato for all the hits, remember the Kiriban at 12345 (Screenshot please!), sign my Guestbook onegai and ja ne for now!... =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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