Sunday, April 11, 2004

"Golden Years" by David Bowie from the radio...
1 WoG III: Part II fan art, 1 Original, 1 Original/Final Fantasy parody
White button down shirt, Maroon street pants, red penguin socks
Hakkai-ish!... :)

HAPPY EASTER, MINNASAN! I hope everyone who is observing their respective secular and religious traditions today are enjoying them!... ::smiles:: I really had a nice time with my 'rents today, and we got to have a very nice dinner at the restuarant "Boston's" in Rapid City... Mum even ordered us this huge hot fudge sundae after the meal!... I'm not supposed to eat ice cream, but it was a holiday, so I figured I could!... Oi, I'm regretting it now, methinks! ::laughs::

Gramps surgery went very well, they bypassed his artery in his neck and he was able to come home the next day! The only thing is, he thinks he can do everything like he used too and he can't for at least six weeks... He's about driving my Grams nuts!

A couple manga recommendations for those of you who really like Tokyopop's wide selection... Besides Get Backers, I recommend checking out "Eerie Queerie" and "Demon Diary!..." LNchan pointed these out on her Blournal too, and I was going to pick up "Eerie Queerie" today, but didn't get the chance... Both are really good choices and a touch tongue-in-cheek shonen-ai/yaoi to boot! ::laughs::

Oh, and I adopted an "Egg" today!... I discovered this on Bianca's Livejournal and followed the link!... You'll find my egg on the side of my Blog from now on, I must wait for it to hatch to see what I got! This is the kind of egg I adopted!

::chuckles:: I suppose no one is really suprised that it had roses printed on it, ne?... There's lots of eggs to choose from, and they go through 3 stages before they hatch!... So head on over and adopt an egg if you'd like!...

Picture Perfect has been updated once again with some of my cosplay progress as well as some of my musings on cosplay in general... Why do so many people get nasty when it comes to cosplay any ways?... Takes the fun right out of it!...

Quizzy time comes compliments of again... I'm not sure if the pics are working right now, but I thought this was a really funny quiz to take... I stumbled across it on a random website looking for something else!...

What Kind of Girlfriend Am I?...

Ren's Pants
Ren's Pants - Cool, you got Ren's pants! You're
kind of aloof, and you like to make sure your
pants show up the other guy's. That's why
they're so damned dashing.

Which Shaman King character's pants should YOU wear?
brought to you by Quizilla

::laughs:: Oh dear, I wonder if all would agree?... Ah well, it was fun to take it!...

Domo arigato for the 11,000+ hits (Kamisama, almost the 12345 Kiriban!), Sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now!... =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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