Monday, September 20, 2004

"Last Song" by Gackt from "Crescent" CD
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Konbanwa, minnasan! I'm back from Nan Desu Kan and I've got a report to give everyone! I hope that everyone has had a good time while I'm gone! First of all, need to with a belated birthday to Youkai, since I'm always gone during his birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUKAI!!! *=^^=* That little face is just for you! ::chuckles::

I hope everyone enjoys the convention report! It was a ton of fun and I'm so glad we were able to go! Domo arigato again for all the hits, and sign my Guestbook onegai! With that in mind, on with the report!



Up bright and early! Sissy, Oniisan and I had a wonderful breakfast! (Aka, Sissy made scones... YAY FOR SISSY!) Jason then showed up and we were off by 8 a.m. with the blue van that Sissy and Oniisan borrowed from Sissy's parents! Once again, we passed through the Wyoming Zone, which was a snore a minute! Oi, why is that state so boring? Anyhoo, we stopped off at Fort Collins and picked up Jason's son, aka my "nephew" and headed off to Denver. Domo arigato to the new route that Oniisan found! We got to the Hilton in no time flat! THE ROOMS WERE SO NICE! Much fancier than the normal rooms we stayed at at the Sleep Inn! Yosha! After we settled, I put on my Japanese Gakuren and labeld myself as "Random Japanese School Boy #15" and Sissy put on her Moogle cosplay. We hit registration at 6 p.m. and only had to wait for five mintues! YAY! We hung out for a bit, and then went and had dinner. Oniisan, Jason and my nephew stayed at the hotel, but Sissy and I went back to the convention. We met up with my Imoutochan and her friends and talked for a while! During that time, someone asked me if I was from the manga "Battle Royale," so I told them that I became "Random Battle Royale Boy Student #15 Whose Head Blew Off" 'cuz I didn't have a Battle Royale collar on! ::laughs:: Afterwards, Sissy and I hit the J-Pop/Anime dance and it was soooo much fun! Yay for Imoutochan for dancing with us even! Sissy and I also got to dance with a guy in a full Moogle outfit! Finally headed back to the room and we were out like lights... ZZZZZZZZ...


Once again, up at the crack of dawn! ::chuckles:: I think it's in all our genes or something. Oniisan, Sissy and I went and had breakfast and then we went upstairs to change. Sissy put on her Black Mage Paine cosplay and I put on my Gunner Rikku cosplay and all three of us headed on over. Wow, I didn't know how popular my Gunner Rikku cosplay would be!!!! Domo arigato to Trowa Al, aka Eurobeat King for all the photos you took of me, to the doujinshi guy for thinking I was one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and to the random guy in the SUV who had nothing to do with the convention, but stopped in the parking lot we were walking through to tell me I was pretty! ::LAUGHS:: Scanty outfits do make an impression, ne? We attended the Japanese in One Hour forum, which was great! I then ran off to go to the Gaia Online get together! It was really fun meeting everyone! ::BIG HUGS TO THE GAIA CREW!:: By 1:30 p.m., I was so photoed out, (aka I even had someone take my picture in KFC) that I changed into my J-Rock styled "cold shoulder" shirt. Sissy and I then hit the dealer's room and went back to the motel and hung out for a while. We then decided after dinner at Applebees to head to the cosplay if the line wasn't too long! The fact that we ended up coming so late allowed us to get into the Simulcast room immediately! SO MUCH BETTER! It wasn't hot and yucky like the main room always is. Big snaps to all the cosplayer competitors, especially the three year old Milly with her one and 1/2 year old Vash brother! So kewt! And even bigger applause to the cosplay group who performed "The Full Monty" to "I Believe in Miracles." Sheer brilliance! After the cosplay, Sissy and I headed back to the room and we were back to bed! ::SNORES::


Yup, we were up and awake way too early once again! Oniisan, Sissy and I headed down and had breakfast and then packed everything up again. We met up with Jason and my nephew and headed over to the convention. Oniisan, Sissy and I caught this hilarious subbed anime called "Miami Guns." I was almost in tears from it! Sissy and I then went and attended the Women's Forum they were holding, and it was a wonderful discussion group. I really enjoyed it! Afterwards, Sissy and I hit the dealer's room for one final time before we headed out at noon. Incidentally, while driving through Wyoming, we hit the weirdest dust storm, resulting in pure brown sheets of dirt so thick you couldn't see through them when you'd drive. Bizarre! Anyhoo, got home at 8:30, and boy was I glad to be there! Always glad to get home, no matter how much fun you've had, ne?

Overall, the convention was a blast! It was as much as my first con in 2001, and that's saying alot! Didn't get very much in the dealer's room, but this was what I ended up scoring.

1 box of Coconut Milk Pocky (This is awesome stuff!)
1 six pack of Ramune Soda
1 Melon Soda
1 Gackt poster (Mmmm, Gackt...)
1 Gackt "Crescent" CD (Once again... Mmmm... Gackt...)
1 Chibi FFX-2 Rikku pin
1 Chibi FFX-2 Paine pin (For Sissy)
1 SD Ginji Amano pin
1 DiGi Charat UFO Catcher Doll (Like I could ever go to a con without something DiGi Charat, ne?)

Can't wait for the opportunity to hit a con again in the future! Ja ne! =~.^=V

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