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MERRY CHRISTMAS, MINNASAN! As a small fic gift for everyone out there who reads my Blog, I'm posting a new KH fic I wrote after playing the new KH: CoM on Gameboy Advance! I wrote it in about fifteen minutes and thought I'd share it with everyone! It's yaoi based, but nothing much in that line at all! Enjoy!

"Distant Memory"
By: Miracle Shining

PAIRING: Squall (Leon) X Sora (inferred from the first KH)
WARNINGS: Angst, Squall's POV
DISCLAIMER: "Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories" is property of Square Enix, Disney Inc. and Nintendo. No money is being made off this, so no use in suing!
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I was inspired to write this very short piece after playing the beginning of KH: CoM where Sora meets up with Squall again, and he only remembers Sora's name.


It's strange when I come upon the trio standing in the middle of Traverse Town. Actually, everything has been strange since I arrived. Or did I even arrive? Nevertheless, the trio is made up of a Magician, a Guardsman and a young boy whom I can't see the front of.

"Are you sure you're doing okay, Sora?" the Guardsman asks.

"Sure, I'll be fine!"

The confidence reminds me of another boy I once knew. The one who was my Heart. I find myself unconciously approaching them and speaking up.

"With an attitude like that, you'll be Heartless Fodder in no time."

The trio turns to me and suddenly they seem very familiar, but not. My mind feels cloudy, and I feel almost misplaced in a place I could swear has been my home. But it's the boy's too similiar face that lights up so brightly I almost feel blinded.

...My Heart!... No, my Heart is gone...

"Leon! What are you doing in Castle Oblivion?!" the child suddenly exclaims.

That voice...

It sounds so much like my Heart, that I almost choke on my own air. I recover, reminding myself that my Heart has long been gone from me. That he pursued another who was much more to him. But I am suprised that this blue eyed boy who looks so same knows my name.

"Castle Oblivion? What are you talking about? This is Traverse Town. And how do you know my name?"

The boy seems stunned and looks more confused. The Guardsman and the Magician are agitated with me, muttering things about me playing a very mean trick on them. I can hear names in my head, names that sound correct.

"Leon..." the child whispers, his face striken with such sadness, I resist the urge to reach out for him. "I can't believe you..." then his gaze raises to mine, meeting my eyes, searching. "...forgot us..."

My Heart!!!

My very being cries out for this all too familiar child, but my mind disagrees. Instead, my Heart's name comes to my lips, calling this boy by it.

"Sora, you don't know what you're talking about."

The blue eyed boy lights up again, suddenly becoming more animated that I have yet seen him.

"Leon, you do remember!"

Without thinking, I call the Guardsman and the Magician by their given names, and they too are excited that I am remembering something I can't recall forgetting.

"I...I don't know what's going on..." I whisper more to myself. "Everything is so confusing. I..."

This boy who goes by my Heart's name approaches me, as if to reach his hand out to me. Just then, Yuffie comes bouncing up behind me, and calls the child "Sora" also. Confused, I quickly turn to her.

"Do you know him?"

"Nope, never seen him before in my life! But I just know the name, so we can skip introductions, yes? Hey, we had better take him to Aerith, don't you think? She'll want to meet him! I'll go and let her know, why don't you give Sora and his friends the grand tour?"

Before I can respond, Yuffie is bounding away from us, excited as ever. I turn to the trio, the Guardsman and Magician standing only a short distant behind this child now bearing my Heart's name. They look so much alike, I swear that he is standing in front of me. If I didn't already know he was gone, I would pull this boy into my arms and bury my face into his hair as I had so long ago. Instead, I speak almost harshly to them.

"If you're going to survive here, I had better give you some training, Sora."

The boy looks confused and a little put off, but he nods, his two companions following behind him. I spare a brief glance over my shoulder, and I see so much sadness in his eyes. I wish that I could remember who you are, child. I wish I could remember because if you are my Heart, then the Fates have granted your return to me.

The child looks up at me, and I see the reflection of myself in his eyes. My Heart has gone, and I know he won't return.

...Or has he?


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