Sunday, December 19, 2004

"Slave to Love" by Bryan Ferry from meh head!
No longer updated, but please enjoy the art work still there!
Hello Kitty t-shirt, black dance pants, white socks
Very tired...

Konbanwa, minnasan! Daijobou desu ka? My, it's been a long spell since I updated this Blog, hasn't it? I admit that lately I just haven't had anything too interesting to say! ::chuckles:: Work is being a bit of a bugger and it's really been tiring me out. I'm going to keep going with it, but I'm going to start putting out my apps and resumes again. I don't want to spend my whole life working as a cashier at a grocery store, ne? Also, I got my bill for my appendectomy before all the insurance is paid. OUCH!!!!!! That amount almost took my breath away! I have to call the hospital tomorrow to confirm that my insurance hasn't paid for everything, or it'll be ten years before I have that bill paid off! =-.-=

On a bit of a random recommendation, I would like once again to tell everyone to check out "Allegria," the movie version of the Cirque du Soleil performance! I saw the performance version on T.V. a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it all over again! The movie version with Frank Langella has received Nick and I's coveted, "Sam Raimi 'Army of Darkness' Good" title, so everyone please watch it! Or get the soundtrack! The track "Allegria" is enough to make you want to buy ten CDs! In fact, I'm hoping to buy the CD coming up after Christmas!

I also went and joined/applied for a few new fanlistings during my last update, a couple of them you might have seen added recently on the side of this Blog!

Just Jackie-The Jackie Chan Fanlisting: Like you'd expect me to have anything less, ne? XD

Too Dark to See-The Official NGE 24th Episode Fanlisting: Because it's my fave episode due to the beauty and tragedy of it all.

Densetsu: The Zelda no Densetsu Fanlisting: THE fanlisting for the Zelda manga done by Akira Himegawa!

Cosplay Is My Lifestyle: The Cosplay Fanlisting: I think why I chose this one is self explanatory.

CONSIDERING: (Fanlistings I'm considering or looking for)
The Hatori Sohma Fanlisting (Fruits Basket)
Gothic Lolita Fanlisting
Sailormoon Music Fanlisting

Picture Perfect has been updated a couple more times, including some "light" information on my surprise cosplay I have planned! Right now, it's just in the opening stages, and it won't be something I'll work on continually by any means. It's just a long term whim/project for now! I AM however planning to start working on my Galaxy Angel "Mint" cosplay within this week. Mum had some spare cream felt that's going to make some terrific Mint ears and it'll be fun to have a new cosplay by the time the next Waldenbooks Promotional occurs some time in hopefully February of 2005. Speaking of the Promo, if anyone is visiting the Rushmore Mall on New Year's Eve and would like to compete in the cosplay competition, please be there about fifteen minutes before 6 p.m. at Waldenbooks. The activity runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Though I won't be there this time around due to scheduling conflicts, I have provided the prize packages, both include:

1 YuYu Hakusho action figure
1 package of Almond Crush Pocky
2 Sailormoon Sticker Trading Cards
2 Japanese Video Game Flyers
1 Fan Art/Original Art by Me
1 Japanese doujinshi (FF8 for guys and Xenogears for girls-both PG rated)

Quizzy time for today comes compliments of course of the lovely and was actually taken off my GJ buddy Tenshi's journal!

What Yaoi Stereotype Am I?

Supreme Seme
What Yaoi Stereotype Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
You are a very rare breed indeed, and for good reason. If there were a lot of Supreme Seme wandering about, then there would be a LOT of conflict. This is because your kind likes to take control of EVERYTHING. Think alpha male with wolves, but applied to humans. People are either your plaything or they're in the way. You manage to manipulate people into wanting what you want, without them even knowing it. You'll also stop at nothing until you get what you want, doing whatever it takes to get it. And you want more from your uke than just the carnal pleasures of the flesh. You want their mind, body, and soul.

Likeliness of being uke: 0%
Likeliness of being seme: 100%
Some fellow Supreme Seme: Akio (Shoujo Kakumei Utena), Fuuma (X/1999)

...Right, there's that Fuuma thing again... XD XD XD XD Actually, this is very true, I rarely ever test out as anyone even vaguely uke related. Which is strange, since my yaoi alter ego is Hakkai... And he's not very seme in my world, minnasan! Maybe I was supposed to be born Fuuma... ::thinks about that::

Well, that's all for today! I'll have one more update wishing everyone a Happy Holidays of course! Oh, and my scanner is working again, so I'll be starting to do Kiribans again! The next one will be at 20K and will be a black and white sketch of one character of your choice! Good luck for the 20K everyone! Sankyuu again for all your visits, sign my Guestbook and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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