Sunday, July 10, 2005

"Field of Gold" by Sting from K-SKY on the radio
Anime "Genki" girl t-shirt, maroon low slung dancing pants
Mildy Irritated...

Konbanwa, minnasan! Woah, long time, no update, ne? I apologize right now, but I've been working consecutive inhuman 3:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. shifts for about twenty days now and I'm about ready to snap. I haven't been able to talk to anyone on-line for that long, and I'm starting to miss having any real social interaction! GAH!! But by Friday, it'll be my last day of this shift for a little bit, and I actually get Saturday and Sunday off! Though I won't really have them off, since I've got a ton of things to do, including the new manga event, which I'll get to later in the Blog!

An outside stray mommy cat just had kittens yesterday. Unfortunately, four of the five passed away almost immediately after birth. I had to crawl under the house to fetch the passed on ones, but I found one small white one with gray tip ears that was perfectly fine! So, I brought it out and we got the excess stuff taken off it, and put it under the house. The mommy cat took it and apparently started nursing it then. I checked on it this afternoon and we brought a couple blankets and a t-shirt and put it under the porch. I started to pet it, and it curled up into my hands and started sucking it's paw! SO KAWAII!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I fell instantly in love with the little guy! The mommy cat isn't a very good mother, but hopefully she'll keep nursing it for in least the next 12 days or so. By that time, the baby's eyes are open and you can remove them from a mother if necessary. I feel so bad for it, since it's the only one! I've dubbed it "Itty Bitty" for now, since we don't know the gender yet. I've been praying it stays alive, and it looks like it's doing well. Everyone keep my baby Itty Bitty in your thoughts, hai? (I really want to keep it, but I'm not sure I'm going to get so lucky... : ( Keep you fingers crossed there too, ne? XD)

I joined a few new fan listings while I was away, so if you're all interested, check them out! They have fanlistings for so many things now, and they're always fun to join!



WIZ-DOM: The Tomonori Nakaura Fanlisting: Like I could not joing a fanlisting for my favorite Juvenile Orion WIZ-DOM member? Great design and beautiful to visit!

...Angel... official Amou Tsukasa Fanlisiting: I had to join this one, it's my favorite JO character! Tsukasakun is so beautiful and I get to cosplay him in our Juvenile Orion group at NDK this year! Chu!!!


Hello Kitty Fanlisting: I had to join just one Hello Kitty fanlisting! XD Now I just need to join the Sanrio and the Batz Maru one and I should be set!


[CHEMISTRY] [Rikku Fanlisting]: This is the nicest fanlisting I've found to my all-time favorite FF girl, and the color scheme is awesome!

Speaking of the Manga event and such, I've got some major updates on the cosplay end of things as well as convention news!

First of all, Picture Perfect has been upated with a new look! The feature character this time is Tsukasa from "Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion" in his school gakuran with his wings out of his head! I chose this particular theme because this version of him is one of the cosplays I'm doing this year! (It's already completed!)

In fact, all my cosplays are completed this year and sitting in my closet. I haven't had time to update my Cosplay journal yet, but here's a list of the costumes this year for NDK!


Friday: We'll be doing our Juvenile Orion group this day, and the following characters will be portrayed, so come check us out!

~Shareecechan: Kaoru, the evil mind breaker
~Mikki: Kuga, the WIZ-DOM that works for Kaoru
~Chantel: Isshin, the Arayshiki represenative
~Jess: Tomonori, the WIZ-DOM on Mana's side
~Me: Tsukasa, the ERASER on Mana's side

Saturday (Pre-cosplay): We'll be wearing different outfits before the cosplay, so this is up in the air currently as to whom is wearing what. But I'll let you know what I'm currently doing!

~Me: Christian de Medich from "War of Genesis III: Part II." (Hai, I know I normally don't wear cosplays again, but it's comfy and I like it! XD)

Saturday (Cosplay): Cosplay outfits you can see us in during the stage display

~Shareecechan: Tohru in her yellow dress from "Fruits Basket"
~Chantel: Maru from "Legend of Dragoon"
~Me: "Hello Kitty" print pink kimono with lavender accents and lavender obi featuring a pink "Hello Kitty" plush as the "bow" (I'm entering the traditional Japanese clothing category)

Sunday: We'll all be coming in our other Fruits Basket outfits, so check us out!

~Shareecechan: Yuki in his "dress oufit" from the vision episode
~Mikki: Oru (?) in his school uniform
~Chantel: Momiji in his Ceremonial garb
~Me: Akito in the double kimonos

Whew, that's quite a bit to remember, ne? ::chuckles::

As for our manga event, we'd really love everyone in the Black Hills region to attend! We've got mega great prizes this time now, including donations from SunCoast, Hot Topic, Dairy Queen, Pretzel Maker, Hancock Fabrics and Walden Books themselves! Also, our Fruits Basket group will be performing a comedy rendition of "Men in Tights" as the cosplay performance! There will be games, including Iron Cosplay as well as door prizes! We want everyone to attend! The event runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday, July 18th at the Rushmore Mall's Walden Books in Rapid City. That should be easy to remember since it's the day after the new "Harry Potter" book comes out! :D

Quiz time for today isn't as much a quiz as a funny fill in the blank kind of thing I found...

What is my Star Wars Pick-Up Line?

Your Star Wars Pickup Line

"You will go home with me. It is unavoidable. IT IS YOUR DESTINY!!"

::CRACKS UP:: Oh c'mon, you all know I'd use this if I could!

Well, that's all for tonight, minnasan! I'm going to check on Itty Bitty before bed and then I've got a 4 a.m. shift again! Domo arigato for all the hits, remember the Kiriban at 20K and keep signing my Guestbook! Ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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