Friday, January 13, 2006

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Ohayo, minnasan! Gomen nasai, long time, no post, ne? I apologize for that, things have been so crazy around here for the past couple months, I'm just trying to get all my "ducks in a row." Or in the case of things around here, getting all the "turkeys to sit still!" ::chuckles:: I want to apologize to all my real life and on-line friends if I seem to have been ignoring you. I swear that I wasn't, but between trying to get stronger from my surgery and a series of other unexpected things that have come up, I've been actually going to be at 7 p.m. just so I can be up to start everything at 2 a.m. the next morning!

Mum had her knee surgery yesterday and she is REALLY sore today. I feel so bad for her, I know how much knee surgery can hurt! Because of that, I've been doing most of the chores and taking care of the animals. She can only get up for short periods of time just to use the bathroom and make a small kitchen run. Otherwise, she's pretty much stuck in bed. But you know what? I don't mind at all. I think of all the things she's done for me, and doing these little things seems so minor! I just want her to get well soon, 'cuz it'll be wonderful to see her walk on that knee without pain for once! ::SMILES::

Grams is up for her surgery at the end of the month. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that things go well and she'll be able to have the surgery. They've put it off since October and it's getting to the point it can't be done any more. I know Grams will be really grateful once they just up and do it. She's a strong lady, she'll recover in no time!

I also got moved to a new bedroom in the house during the beginning of January. Because of that, I actually didn't have an internet access for over a week, so if you haven't gotten an e-mail reply from me yet, I'm actually still sorting through everything. My room is much bigger and I have a walk in closet. ::chuckles a bit:: That's full of more cosplays than it actually has real clothes in it!

LNchan, I apologize to you greatly for not keeping in closer touch. I want you know I've been thinking of you, and I'm glad to see that the grant has almost covered all your studen loan. You'll do great with your classes, just keep at them, ne?

Moon-chan, you keep at classes too, ne? I'm so proud of both of you. I love seeing my friends make it in what they do!

Shareecechan, give me a buzz on Saturday afternoon and I'll let you know how things are going, ne?

On lighter news, I found the navy blue material I need for my "Aria" cosplay from "Sister Princess!" It's very light weight, but it's got a sturdy feel to it, which is good, being I'm doing her scalloped top with the heavy lace accent. THE LACE! THE LACE! Actually, I love the dress because it's so frilly. I get to look like quite the Victorian young lady in it!

I thought I'd make a few new manga recommendations for those of you who are looking for new things to check out! These are just some new and old series that I've become interested in and hopefully you'll like to check them out too!

Genshiken by Kio Shinmoku: A VERY funny series that pokes fun at all things involving being Otaku, from manga and doujinshi collecting to cosplay to being a complete and utter obsessed fan! I like Ohnochan, I think she's such a fun character!

Kamui published by Broccoli Books: The new series being released by Broc. Inc. A very interesting mix of supernatural and drama with a mild shonen-ai bend. The art work is quite unique and worth a moment to check out!

Drama Con by Svetlana Chmakova: An excellent English series by this lovely artist, it really captures the craziness and romance (!) that can occur at an anime convention. Alot of fun and the art work is great!

Cantarella by You Higuri: One of my all-time favorite works by the artist, the translation is excellent and the story is both historical and supernatural in flair. Great reading!

Quizzy time for today comes compliments of a random quiz site I found. They've got quite a few interesting quizzes to take on it!

What Element Am I?

Your Element is Water

Your power colors: blue and aqua

Your energy: deep

Your season: winter

Like the ocean, you evoke deep feelings and passion.
You have an emotional, sensitive, and spiritual soul.
A bit mysterious, you tend to be quiet when you are working out a problem.
You need your alone time, so that you can think and dream.

Actually, I usually do test out as Water, but my season is definately NOT Winter! ::chuckles:: Though I do love Winter the character, which belongs to LNchan!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Hopefully when things start calming down a little more I can get back into the groove of talking to everyone! Until then, domo arigato for all the hits! (Did anyone get the 20K? I wasn't e-mailed!), sign my Guestbook, onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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