Saturday, January 21, 2006


Hey minnasan! I'm just giving everyone a quick "heads up" to where I've been. Recently, after healing up from my surgery, Mum had knee surgery. She's doing very well, and the stitches come out on Monday. My grandmother now has open heart surgery on Wednesday of this coming week, so I'll be busy with my family involving that.

Also, to all my friends both on-line and in real life. If you haven't heard much from me, it's because of work currently. A coworker in the office upstairs recently got (literally) deathly ill and has not been able to work. She was finally let out of the hospital five days after she was admitted in Fair to Good condition. Because of that, my fellow coworker and I have been putting in massive hours and over time to cover her shift. So it's not because I don't love you guys, (I DO!!!!), it's just 'cuz I can barely function by the time I get home working these 10 to 12 hour shifts.

I'll let everyone know how Grams's surgery went after it's finished. Please say a prayer for her.

Moonie, I have your dad in my prayers also.

That's all for now, minnasan! Ja ne! =~.^=V


Jeanie said...

My thoughts are with you. You like yaoi too, neh? Come read my posts of yaoi fanfiction some time! I update on weekdays!

Miracle Shining said...

Thanks for much Jeannie! ::smiles:: I'll head over and see!

Anonymous said...

I feel like such a dork now because I didn't check this journal to see how you were doing.


Glad to see that you're doing better along with your mom. My thoughts are with your grandma and here's to hoping for a quick recovery.


Miracle Shining said...

Thanks so much, Domichan! That means the world to me! ::big hugs back::