Sunday, July 23, 2006

"All I Know" by Five for Fighting from "Chicken Little"
Brains and Beauty PJ's, Mickey Mouse housecoat, black socks

Konbanwa, minnasan, I hope everyone out there in Cyberland is doing well! Yikes! It's been over a month since I last updated my Blog! Gomen nasai, I've been so busy with my work and getting things set up for heading to NDK this year, I've almost forgot about my journals! If you'd like to see more "short" updates along with meme quizzes and such, please visit my Livejournal Page!

Let's see, what's been going on lately? Oh, Shareecechan gave me my birthday presents! So lovely! Got a new purse that reads "I Love Yaoi" on it and a cute pic she had made of a maid dressed in a purple uniform! CHU! I love maid outfits, so I really adore the picture! I have it sitting up on my desk right now. Arigato, Shareecechan!

Work has been very, very busy of late. All of us at the grocery store are getting ready for the influx of motorcyles for the Annual Sturgis Harley Davidson motorcycle rally. This event is huge and I only live 25 miles from Sturgis where it occurs. The bikers are an incredibly nice group of people and I really enjoy getting to meet so many of them! My only complaint is that it's SO LOUD!! I get something called "Audio Migraines," which means that my migraines are caused by continual loud sounds, so the week and a half to two weeks that the bikers are here, I'm on migraine medicine alot! ::laughs ruefully::

I was at Shareecechan's house yesterday for a lovely party she threw, so I thought I'd give the details here!

What a fun time this was! ::chuckles:: Shareecechan threw this really great tea party at her house. I came dressed in my "Akito" cosplay, Shareecechan wore her "Tohru in Ayame designed yellow dress" cosplay, Chani wore half of her "Ceremonial Momiji" cosplay and Jess wasn't able to cosplay, but she did it in spirit!

First thing we did was look over Shareecechan's new AMV's and voted which ones should be entered in the NDK competition. I voted for her awesome "Steel Angel Kurumi" one she made, followed by her "Really Random Otaku Thing" AMV, which is very, very funny!

After that, we all settled down for tea. There were some wonderful flavors, including an exotic Vanilla Almond one, and I brought my rich chocolate caramel black chai. Shareecechan gave Chani, Jess and I beautiful Fruits Basket "Thank You" notes she had made off the computer with matching envelopes. (My favorite currently is the one of Hatsuhara hugging Kisa! I'm a massive Kisachan fan! =^^=) We had a lovely poundcake and Shareecechan's hand made amaretto smooth chocolate. TO DIE FOR!!!

We then settled down to play the "Fruits Basket" card game, which isn't as easy as it seems, but once we figured it out, was a lot of fun! Shareecechan actually won, but she couldn't win her own prize, so Chani, Jess and I played until Jess won. She got a plush "Kyo" cat backpack, a beautiful medallion featuring the Chinese zodiac on and a fan. Since Jess already had the backpack, she gave it to Chani for her birthday present. (It was Chani's b-day today, I gave her a new yaoi manga.)

We cleaned up then and talked about our plans for NDK and whether we were doing performance cosplays or not. It was a great time and I can't wait to have another party!

Also, if you'd like to visit Shareecechan's personal page, she's set it up for both her and for highlighting things Genki no Cosplay have done recently and in the past! I'll be adding it to my side bar for a permanent link, but please visit it here for the time!

Shareece's Page/Genki no Cosplay Page Enjoy the really spiffy slideshow she made of the photos from Genki's past events!

Cosplay news, my pink "sweetheart" Lolita dress is now about 80% done! I just need to make the last two panniers (short petticoats) with lace to add to the underneath, alter the collar of my white shirt slightly and the lace to the sleeves! From then on, it's just getting light pink socks that I can decorate with lace and maybe some white ribbon. I've got some really cool white chunk heel strap shoes to wear already, and I'm shooting for a mid back length light brown wig I can put into two ponytails to match the oversize bow headband with the sweetheart motif I made! SO KAWAII! Which is funny, 'cuz Shareecechan is going as a "Kowaii" (scary) Lolita and I'm matching her as a "Kawaii" (cute) Lolita! Can't wait to get pics of the cosplays!

QUIZZY TIME! This one comes compliments of and I got it off one of my LJ buddies page!

What is My Stong Point?

What is your strong point?(pics)

::chuckles:: Guess that's kinda' a given since I've already had two galleria shows, ne? I love the pic though, so pretty!

Well, I guess that's everything for today, minnasan! Phew, kinda' a long post, ne? Had to catch up though! Domo arigato for all the hits, (Kamisama, over 21,000? You like me, you really like me! =^^=), please continue to visit and hopefully I'll have a new guestbook set up soon! Until then, ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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