Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Maiden's Policy" (Para Para Remix) from "Sailormoon R" as featured on "Para Para US Mix: Volume 2"
"Splash Mountain" t-shirt, capris, white socks
Giddy! =^.~=

Well, minnasan, here's my yearly NDK report, I hope you all like it!



Whew, we finally made it to the convention! ::laughs:: Shareecechan, Toby, Jess, Josh, Mike and I travelled actually on Thursday evening and stayed the night at Chani and Julie's apartment, Mikki meeting us down there. So Thursday night was actually donated to finishing costumes and trying to catch some sleep. We were pretty excited to finally arrive at the con and everything was already abuzz! The rooms were absolutely gorgeous! YAY! Once everyone was settled, we all got into our cosplays for Friday evening. I was wearing my "Jacques" from "Suikoden III" to match Chani's "Geddoe" and Mikki's "Flame Champion." Shareecechan put on her purple kimono, Jess wore her lovely black Gothic Lolita lace dress, and Julie put on her cat ears and paws she had made. Josh and Mike were going casual on Friday night. ::chuckles::

We hit the dealer's room after it opened and I managed to score a couple hard to find doujinshis that I've been trying to track down. (At the end of this con report, I'll be asking for help about what I'm looking for.) We never did make it to opening ceremonies, but we did get to the cosplay line well in time. The people who pre-registered on-line were the first to go through and I was the very first person to fill out my card verifying my #. (I was #4 in line.) That's the first time that's ever happened! =O.o= After we finished that, we were waiting for Chani and Mike to register their costumes and then we headed up for the room and rested until the Jpop dance.

The dance was an absolute BLAST! I had switched over to my red shortie kimono, black leggings and black boots. Boy was I glad! It was pretty hot in there, but everyone had such a good time. Mike even got people to do the Macarena to one of the Jpop hits and Shareecechan drug me out into the circle to do Para Para in front of everyone. It was great, but boy I was glad to get back to the room! ZZZZZZZZ...


Woke up bright and early and then stared at the wall until Shareecechan came and got me. Switched back into my Jacques cosplay, (I will LIVE in that cosplay, I love it that much!) and her and I went and had a Gingerbread Chai Tea at the Starbucks in the motel. We joined up with our group as everyone started to wake up and then Shareecechan, Toby and I along with a couple Suikoden cosplayers we met, (You guys were so cool!) decided to head over to the "Anime Pulse" live podcast they were having. You can actually google the Anime Pulse website and should be able to hear the episode we took part in. The guys were a lot of fun and Shareecechan won a free t-shirt for guessing who one of the female cosplayers was dressed as.

After that, we hit the dealer's room again and I scored a couple more doujinshi, but mostly looked around. Mikki and I went half and half on buying Shareecechan a new Gothic Lolita Bible and Mikki herself bought a signed picture by Gackt. Ended up talking to the vendor for a long time. He was so nice! =^^= I love how everyone is so friendly at this convention!

The AMV's then came, and Shareecechan had front row seats since she entered three of her AMVs into the competition. None of them made it in the final draw, but it was so great to see she in least was honored for making them! Chani, Jess and Mikki joined her for the event and I headed back to the room to get some rest. Mike then joined me and Toby followed and we chatted for a while. Julie and Josh then popped in and we all had a good time talking and laughing.

When the AMV's finished, we all took to getting ready in our cosplay competition costumes. I put on my "Nina" from "Ultra Maniac," Mikki put on her "Trainer Yuna" from FFX-2 (SHE EVEN HAD THE SUMMONS DOG BUILT ON AN RC CAR!), Chani put on her "Calintz~Original Concept Design" from "Magna Carta~Crimson Stigmata," and Shareecechan put on her "Sexy no Jutsu Gaara" from "Naruto." (SHE GOT SUCH A GREAT REACTION FROM THE AUDIENCE!) Mike put on his "Kankuro" from "Naruto" then too!

While we were waiting, Jess, Mike, Toby and I all attended origami class, which we all really enjoyed. I really liked learning to make the fish so I'm going to keep practicing on that one. ::chuckles:: After we were done, we headed back up to the room and by the time we were all organized, we headed back downstairs to sit in the contestant line. The cosplay ended up running a little late because Piano Squall was playing a bit long, but everything worked out okay in the end.

The costumes this year were absolutely AMAZING and you can tell everyone really put their heart and soul into their work. I want to tell everyone that even if you didn't win, you tried your hardest and I think it was awesome you even competed. Keep doing it and do it for the love of cosplaying, not just for the prize! =^^= Also, congratulations to everyone that did win, you all did a great job and keep it up!

After the cosplay, we all got into comfortable clothes and headed down to the rave. I missed my chance getting my glowsticks, so my fingers felt really naked, but I had a great time dancing with everyone anyways! Got so tired I finally managed to get back to the room and just managed to stay up to watch "Trinity Blood" with Chani and Mikki before I passed out. BIG ZZZZZZZ....


Woke up bright and early again and took a shower, then contemplated the meaning of life over a cup of hot chocolate. (J/K, I wasn't that awake!) Mikki ended up getting up, so she got decked out in her "Cid" cosplay from "Final Fantasy 7," and I put on my "Sweetheart Pink Lolita" and we headed down and bought breakfast at Starbucks. Shareecechan joined us later in her "Purple Lace" Lolita outfit. We had quite a few people stop and take our pictures. It was fun looking so pretty! Chani joined us later in her "Vincent" from "Final Fantasy 7" cosplay just before the CLAMP panel.

Shareecechan had her CLAMP discussion then at 10 a.m. and it went wonderfully! She did a great job of keeping it moving and everyone was so full of laughter and having such a good time! I love when panels go so well and I'm very happy that this one was so full of life! Thank you to everyone who attended!

After the panel, we all packed up our rooms and checked out, then headed back to the dealer's room for one final swoop and pick up anything else we might have forgotten. Yay for last day discounts in the room! We headed out at 2 p.m. then since I had to be back to check my work schedule on Monday. It was a good trip back and we all chatted about what the plans were for next year. I'm looking forward to how everything goes!

Dropped everyone off and I drove another hour to get home. Somehow I made it, though I think my mind was on auto pilot! ::laughs:: Nonetheless, I had such a wonderful time and I'm so grateful to all my friends, to my con friends, (I love you Mirai and Amber, thanks for coming and seeing with me and the hugs and laps to sit on!), the wonderful staff and also the hotel for putting up with us! Now for the pros and cons of the convention!


Hanging with all my friends of course!
The incredible amount of detail and work put into all the cosplays and skits this year, it was awesome guys!
The beautiful rooms we had to stay in
The weather was great!
I got to meet so many new people, especially CLAMP fans, and that was really awesome!

There were some REALLY nasty Cosplay Brats this year that hurt alot of people's feelings.
The fact that the room we were waiting in for the cosplay competition was so small!
Never did get to see Piano Squall play, but in least I did hear him!
NO 58 Gojyo X Hakkai doujinshis anywhere in on the dealer's room!

Now with the actual con report done, it's time for me to do my traditional list of thank you's followed by the (in?)famous swag list! =^^=V


Trowa Al aka Eurobeat King at Cosplay.com for you continuing coverage, your great pictures and for being the all around sweet guy that you are!

The NDK staff and cosplay staffers. You guys handled everything so well and thank you for all the hard work that you all do!

Kevin Lilliard of A Fan's View.com, even if we didn't get our picture with you this year, we're grateful that you came!

Beverly who won Master's Class and Best in Show this year. You are such a sweet and wonderful cosplayer and your brother and his friend were so awesome! Thanks for being such a great person!

Amber and Mirai for waiting every year to see me and for being such wonderful friends! I'm glad we finally got our e-mail addies updated so we can talk more!

Last and definately not least, to my cosplay group "Genki no Cosplay," for not just being support, but for being the fantastic group of friends you are and making this convention even more memorable than the last one!

THE SWAG LIST: (Aka the reason Mirchan may never have $ again!)

2 Kakashi X Iruka yaoi doujinshis
1 Squall X Zell yaoi doujinshi
1 Aragon X Boromir/Faramir X Boromir doujinshi by the ever talented Jommy! (I finally got one of your doujinshi's Jommysama and it's beautiful!)
1 Kakashi pin
1 Iruka pn
1 mini Iruka keychain
1 chibi Saiyuki Reload Cho Hakkai keychain
1 chibi Saiyuik Reload Sha Gojyo keychain (For LNchan)
1 plush Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles keychain (For Moonie)
1 box of Coconut Pocky (MY FAVE!)
2 different flavored boxes of koala cookies (For Oniisan, Sissy and Bren)
1 Berry Cheesecake plush Nyanko (For Mom)
1 box of Orange Creme Daifuku cakes (For Dad)
1/2 of a EGL Bible (For Shareecechan, Mikki bought the other 1/2)
1 CosMode book (For Shareechechan)
1 AminaMundi fan (gift from Shareecechan)
1 new Para Para CD (gift from Shareecechan)

That's all for this year, minnasan! Whew, this was a lot longer con report than usual! I look forward to next year. Now, if you've read this whole thing, here's the doujinshi help I'm looking for. I'm currently trying to collect everything that one circle has done, but they go buy 3 different names. If you find anything done by Senken Tenshi, Arch Media or DUO Brand, please let me know. I don't care which shows they're for (They've done LotR, Naruto, Gankutsuou, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist and D.Gray Man) and I'll be willing to pay what you did for the doujinshi as well as shipping and handling. I love this circle and am desperately trying to get all their work! Thanks so much! Until next time, ja ne! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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