Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My "JD" Dress is On the Way!

Hello, Sparkling Girls!  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful night!  The weather is so warm here but it's going to be much colder soon.  Though I love Autumn because of the beautiful colors on the leaves and All Hallow's Eve at the end of the month, I'm not too fond of the cold winters that will follow!  =^^=;;

I'm happy to say that I made my payment for my "Jesus Diamante" dress this morning!  They'll start packing it up and sending it off to me in hopefully a couple more days!  I'm very excited because my Hime wardrobe is slowly getting bigger.  I already have a very pretty "Liz Lisa" dress and I'm hoping to add some gyaru pieces by "Cecil McBee" and maybe "La-Parfait."  I have some lolita pieces still for times that I want to be a Hime Lolita and I have lots of pretty Korean brands when I want to more of a Hime/Ulzzang look.

I hope everyone has a lovely night!  I will post pictures when the dress arrives!  Ja ne for now!  =~.^=V

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