Monday, March 05, 2012

Sparkle Girl Nails!

Hello all you Sparkling Girls, I hope that you're having a beautiful night!  It was almost 65 degrees where I live today and you could just smell Spring starting to come into the air.  It was really enchanting and made me want to break out a really cute spaghetti strap dress and put some flowers in my hair!  =^.~=

I also made a new set of "Ageha/Hime" inspired fingernails.  These will be for sale at SoDak Con this year at my table, "Deco Dreams."  I wanted to do a simpler set because a few of the girls I'm meeting at SoDak Con are very new to Himegyaru and I didn't want to overwhelm them!  =^^=;;

I made the polymer clay roses and hearts by hand and then got some really pretty silver gems to run here and there over the nails.  I will be selling 20 of them with a free bottle of nail glue.  I hope that you will all come and see me!

Ja ne for now!  =~.^=V

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