Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Starry Night Nails! (For Himekaji style!)

Good evening all you Sparkling Girls, I hope that you're having a gorgeous night!  It was pretty chilly today and the wind made it even colder.  Plus, I have a wicked chest infection that I had to get antibiotics for.  Because of that, I couldn't even go to work today.  =-.-=  But on the bright side, I had time to make a new set of nails!  I wanted to do something that was a bit more Himekaji but could also be good if you like wearing Agejo style. 

This set is called "Starry Night."  I handcrafted the polymer clay stars and carefully attached all the jewels.  For a fun twist, the black part is actually the cuticle area, so it adds a really nice dimension.  What do you all think?  They will be for sale in a set of 20 with a free bottle of nail glue, so please come and visit me at my art table at SoDak Con!

That's all for tonight, my lovelies!  Have a wonderful tomorrow!  Ja ne for now!  =~.^=V

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