Wednesday, May 09, 2012

New Deco Items for Sparkling Girls! (And My Outfits from Last Week!)

Hello all you Sparkling Girls!  I hope that you're having a very gorgeous day!  It was a little windy here and the breeze was cool but the trees are getting so green!  And our lilacs are finally opening up!

I dislocated my knee yesterday but I promise I'm doing okay.  It certainly hasn't stopped my desire to work on my Sweets Deco!  I'm going to post some pics of things that will be available at my table "Deco Dreams" at SoDak Con this year!  Also, a pic of my light Ageha/Agejo outfit I wore with my matching gray circle lenses last week.  I hope you all enjoy and have a Beautiful Evening!

Here are my Biscuit Heart/Creme/Fruit Cookie Rings!  They come in Mint Green, Sugared Violet, Dreamy Sweet Blue, Orange Dreamsicle and Pink Parfait.  They are perfect for a Kawaii Gyaru, a Hime Gyaru, Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei or anybody who really likes cute, sugary accessories!

The third photo is of my Star and French Fries Bracelets.  I love French Fries and this is an ideal accessory for anyone who likes the more vibrant cousin to Fairy Kei, Pop Kei!  Or if you're a Spank! fan!

The fourth photo is of my set that I'm selling.  Pink and white lollipops fit perfectly into the Spring and Summer months.  If you buy the necklace and bracelet together, you get the ring for free!

And finally, a pic of my outfit I wore last week.  It was very chilly despite it being May and I wanted something cozy.  I love this dress, it's from "Charlotte Russe" and I think it's so gorgeous!  =^^=V


Suzu Blog said...

cute bracelets : )

Miracle Shining said...

Thank you so much! =^^=