Saturday, March 30, 2002

Work sucked today... Plain and simple, it just bit... I mean, I know working at a video store sounds like a sass job, but it's actually dull, repetitive and I don't get along with my boss... Yah, in least I'm honest about it.

In other news, got another page of the LotR comic done. I'm starting to think I must be in love with trees or something, 'cuz I've got them in virtually every panel... Or it could just be 'cuz I'm insane and like drawing those itty bitty detaily things. Must be, 'cuz I hate doing landscapes. I have to head to my ebay account after I'm done bloggin' for today to see if I won my LotR replica "The One Ring" today. Heh, yah, I'm an addict, can't you tell?

Oh, did you check out the side bar? I'm putting my fave quizzes and cliches on that side.

Uh, took another LotR quiz. This was to find out what actor you'd be... This is just getting ridiculous...

I'm Orlando Bloom!

I am Orlando Bloom. I run like a pixie and everybody loves me. Although I have no part. At all. I have kicked Elijah Wood in the balls and bust MY way into Hollywood and now I have my own cult following who often chase me with droll buckets. They scare me deeply.

Click here to find out which actor you are!

Anyone else sick of me being the elf?... ::ROFL::This is so nuts, but in least my boyfriend looks likes him! Anyhoo, that's it for now, more to come later! Ja!

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