Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Ever wonder exactly why you're in school?... I swear today is driving me nuts!!! I think if one more person tells me that they've got a problem, I'm going to give them a problem... GAHHHHHH!!!

::coughs:: Okay, I'm fine... Well, on a better note, my best friend Yukichan is now the leader singer and guitarist for a new band! Yay fer her!! I can't wait to here them, they're getting ready to cut their first real demo and I get one! ::THUMBS UP:: Yukichan has got such a killer voice! We're going to go and see LotR for my third time and like her seventh this weekend! Heh, we're both massive addicts!

Well, finished my first portrait for the LotR doujinshi last night. Meh mum thought it was beautiful and IMO, it was too! I love portraiting and with beautiful young men like those in that movie to draw, it's all worth it, ne?...

Well, I've taken a couple more quizzes, but I don't have them to post right now, I'm at college and forgot my disk... And now the countdown is on, tomorrow will be one month left until I can graduate and kiss this college good bye, YATTA!

That's all the blog I have room for today, I really appreciate those who are reading these things, and if you're wanting to link, remember I'm link free and feel free to e-mail me if you like what I've said!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Sam's bumper sticker would read: "I Go With Mr. Frodo"

Ja ne!

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