Monday, April 15, 2002

Hey, minnasan, gomen, long time no post!!!! Well, let's see, I've finally got the horrors that are galleria show up and running! AUGH, IT TOTALLY SUCKED!! ::cries:: But it looks real perty now, if I can just get through premiere on Sunday, my life will be complete...

Now, for the LotR news! Getting ready to the do the Legolas portrait for the doujinshi, this thing is turning into it's own instutitution, but that's okay, 'cuz I absolutely love doing it!! Oh, and for a new cliche/clique, if you don't know how much I adore Frodo, I've joined one just to prove it, check it out! I'm trying to get it to work for the side bar, but it's being fussy right now!!

Heh, much love for all that is related to Frodijah!! I think it's an awesome cliche/clique, dun you?... Oh, and I'm updating some of my links on the side bar for more LotR related links!! That's coming soon right now!! Gomen for such a short post, but I'll have more soon, I swear! Ja!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Aragon's t-shirt would read: "It's good to the king..."

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