Thursday, April 04, 2002

Well, another day, another BLOG... I don't know, this week has been too weird... But first of all, it was my sweet friend Kichan's birthday yesterday, now the big 24!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! ::huggles:: Can't wait to get out East and see the new tattoo!! FFX forever!!

Well, I actually joined a real clique/cliche. It's small type, and it's on the side bar underneath my Legolas quiz. It's for my favorite Ranger, red hot Aragorn! You too can join if you visit here!


It's kinda small font, but the site is really pretty, and you can even choose banners if you like! I might pick one up later, but I just wanted to get linked for now. I'm thinking my BLOG is turning more into a personal LotR page, but hell, that's the main reason it's my BLOG, ne?...

I've got painting today... Ugh, and I still feel like someone hit me with a hammer... Speaking of which, I saw 13 Ghosts yesterday... It isn't that bad of a movie! Not really gory and The Hammer was the kewlest ghost out of them all! And Matthew Lilliard was in it! ::SNAPS TO HIM:: I like him as an actor 'cuz he's kinda goofy... One perk about working in a vid store, I can see the movies I want to see for a change, even though it's still SO boring!

Sent off payment to NDK in Denver today! Yay, can start making costumes now!!

Hokay, well I had better go... I'm gonna join a couple more LotR cliques/cliches over the next week, so stay tuned! Ja for now!

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