Monday, May 20, 2002

Aaah, yes... I love Zyrtec... It's a great drug... The only problem is that come down can be a bit brutal. ::LAUGHS:: I had to cut myself down to half that tiny pill, the drug was just too much for me even at 10mg! Incidentally, I'm only 95 pounds, so even 10 mg of strong allergy medicine is too much. But, it's definately good stuff!

Heh, I got "The 10th Kingdom" on DVD for my mum and pop today. It's SUCH a good movie and I love how many actors and actresses are in it! Especially having Rutger Hauer and Ann Margaret in the same film! ::snickers at Ann's lovely portrayal of "Sin"derella:: I can't wait to start watching it! Oi, but first I must find a job! Hai, I'm still without employment and my current job ends next week Friday! ::cringes:: Dun' worry, minnasan, this vigilant little sprite always finds a way!

As for new LotR news, my Sissy loved her "Aragorn" portrait I did for her birthday! ::GRINS:: Always glad to put a smile on her face and guess what? I've got a new commission! My coworker's mother wants a picture of Dave Wenham as "Faramir" drawn for her! Yay, I love Faramir! ::giggles at slash potential and winks to her imoutochan:: Oh hai, and I'm still in the preplanning stage for my LotR slash BoromirXFaramir fic! Heh, my imoutochan calls me Boromirchan... Being that my actual nickname is Mirchan, that wasn't too much of a stretch to add the extra letters!

Well, that's all for now. More coming soon, and hai, I'm finally going to get going on my cosplay costumes. Can't afford to put off any longer or I won't make competiton! Ja ne for now!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Orcs Creed--When in doubt... SMASH!!!!!

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