Saturday, May 18, 2002

Blech... I've once again remembered that allergies suck... I can't breath, my eyes are watering, I can't hardly swallow and I really, really wish that my medicine would kick in faster! STUPID MEDICINE! STUPID ALLERGIES! STUPID... STUPID... Okay, I've just run out of things to call stupid... Hehe, in least I have a good sense of humor about it.

Well, getting ready to go out looking for a new job. I'm thinking that if I can land a government job and get myself up to a G5 status, I can transfer anywhere in the nation, which will of course be closer to my Prince of Mirkwood until he finishes school. Gives me an excuse to tour that part of the country, even though we're probably moving to Florida. YAY FOR SUN!

LotR news for today is that I'm currently working on trying to set up a decent and actual thougtful storyline for the BorimorXFaramir slash piece I'm writing for my imoutochan. Normally I don't do the whole incest thing, but these two have such a deep relationship, ya' gotta wonder sometimes, you know?... Plus, going movie style for a moment, Dave Wenham plays Faramir... HELLO!... ::swoons just a bit:: Hokay, he's not Viggo... yum... Or Karl... again, yum... But hell, against him with Sean Bean, I can live!... So dun' worry imoutochan, I'm working on it! Also finished an LotR related giftie for my Sis in law. It was her birthday yesterday, but she won't get the gift until Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISSY! ::huge hugs::

Anyhoo, that's about all the Blog for today. I'm needing to actually start on the convention costumes, since it's prolly going to take me all summer, I'm sure. Specially with oniisan's "Seymour" costume, but that one will be SO worth the extra work! Ja ne for now!...

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT OF THE DAY: (Ode to Dr. Seuss) "I will not toss it in a boat, I will not toss it in a moat, I will not throw it here or there, I will not throw it anywhere. I will only toss it overboard, into the firey pits of Mount Mordor. I will not lose it Sam Gamgee, I will not lose it if you're with me..."--Frodo to Samwise ala Dr. Seuss

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