Wednesday, May 22, 2002

The wind is howling, the skies are becoming gray, the air is cool and there's a touch of rain in the air. I LIVE FOR THESE DAYS!! ::laughs:: Seriously, I am a complete storm addict! The on running joke with my otakuchan is that I will stand out there with a wire hanger, waiting to get hit by lightning, I'm that obsessed with storms! ::GRINS::

Well, the first day of job hunting didn't go too badly. I applied for a Data Processor at one of the hospitals and from what it sounds, I've got a pretty good chance of getting the job! Keep your fingers crossed for me minnasan. I'm still waiting for a call back from my apartment app. I found a STUDIO APARTMENT! ::has to keep from screaming:: Seriously, this is the one kind of apartment I've been dying for and I keep waiting for the woman to call me back! I'm getting impatient!

LotR news, I'm thinking that once I get my scanner up and running, I'm definately going to start up an LotR art site. I've got tons and tons of drawings, and they SO need to be scanned! Heh, I love being an art major some times. I'm trying to think of a good site design too, I want it to look really professional so I can hopefully garner some more attention! Oh yah, and I think I'm finally going to have a pretty good storyline for the BoromirXFaramir piece! Oh the agony, the pain, the literal heartache I put them through! Yay, I'm a true writer now! =^.~=

Anyhoo, that's all for now. I had better quit before the power surges and I end up with nothing on this post! If you like the LotR thoughts of the day, please let me know! Oh yah, I'm going to still try to put a hit counter and a guestbook on here, so you can always let me know that way too! Ja ne!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Upon getting struck with the Mordor blade, Frodo had only one thought that passed through his mind. "Ow..."

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