Sunday, May 26, 2002

Sick... Sick... Sick again... I can't stand it! I'm stuffed up, my throat hurts, my nose has been bleeding, and I'm absolutely miserable right now. In least my mum has been giving me good food, and "Braceface" is on the TV. I like that cartoon alot and Alicia Silverstone plays the voice for the main character! It makes it way too cool! I love Alicia Silverstone since she was in the movie "The Crush," and that's been a spell ago!

Well, the closing date for the Data Processor job has already occurred now I can hold my breath and wait for the call back! I really want this job, can you believe it?... I mean, for some reason having a desk job that's nine to five is really appealing to me. I guess that's because I've had on the feet jobs for so long, and this will give me a chance to go and do my art doing the evening. ::keeps her fingers crossed big time:: Now if the lady from the apartment calls back!

LotR news, the TTT towers preview was soooo good, and when I saw Faramir, I realized something. They've made him blonde! I know in the books that he's got black hair and grey eyes, but I actually like Faramir with the long blonde hair. I think it's because Dave Wenham actually does look way better as a blonde, and plus he matches Sean Bean's Boromir so well, ne?... I can't wait until December, I got my pattern to make my Galadrial cape! ::laughs:: She's such a wench, but the cape is sooo cool! Ooh, and more Viggo, Elijah, and now Karl Urban... YUMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE

Well, that's all for now, I've got to go and take some medicine for my throat. I'll be able to post a bit more tomorrow when I feel better. Ja ne for now minnasan!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: MORDOR, it's a great vacation exclusive for anyone, but people carrying the One Ring are especially welcome if that's being used as payment!

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