Monday, May 06, 2002

Well minnasan, today was the first day of the last week period of my college career at the great place of BHSU... Should I be happy or should I be sad?... I'M DAMNED HAPPY, THAT'S WHAT I AM!!! ::coughs:: I'm okay... I took the cursed exit exam and it was anything BUT hard. I mean, my Visual Arts test was only 49 questions long and it was multiple choice! Woo-hoo, I LUV easy testing, dun you?

Okay, LotR stuff, do you not agree that Karl Urban, the guy who plays Eomer in The Twin Towers is not the yummiest thing? Oh my gosh, I saw him and immediately wanted to look the screen. Domo arigato to my Oniisan for holding me back and encouraging me to eat my jelly beans instead. Heh, I'd rather eat Eom... Best not to finish that random thought. People who visit my work place now want to know about my ring. It's so funny, I even wrote in Elvish on one guy's ring he made out of duct tape! It was weird, but hey, it made him happy.

My real Legolas gets off the plane at 10:01 a.m. MST into my Elf Lusting Arms! ::chuckles:: I'm so glad that my Gojyokun is such a good sport about my LotR obsession. I think he tolerates it far better than most, ne?

Well, that's about all for today. I'm thinking about adding a hit counter and a guest book. Or you people can let me know with an e-mail, I try to respond quickly if you like the blogging I do! Ja ne for now!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: #1 Thing Never to Say to Sauron: "Yeah, I got this One Ring here and I'm thinking about throwing it into the fiery pits of Mount Doom before you can get your filthy eyelashes on it..."

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