Friday, June 07, 2002

It's 7 a.m. and I don't think I've had proper sleep now in almost seven consecutive days. Thing have been rough for me these past few days, but I'm pulling through. You know, no matter what happens, you've got to keep your chin up, ne?... It's been hard for me to do so recently, but thanks to those who love me, I've been pulling through.

The good news is that it sounds as though I've got a job. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but if I get it, I'll be a full time sales represenative for the Herberger's of Rapid City. They're a chain of stores that I would call upper middle class, maybe even lower upper class. Lots of nice expensive thing. ::chuckles:: Too bad I can't afford most of it, ne?... But if I get the job, it'll be nice to be able to wear nice clothes and look at nice things.

Okay, LotR news. THREE CHEERS TO LOTR: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING FOR TAKING BEST MOVIE AT THE 2002 MTV MOVIE AWARDS! It's about time they got the recognition they deserved! ::grins:: Oh yah, and of course the fact that they're reshooting some stuff for TTT, seeing Elijah dressed as Frodo again? So kewt! I just wanted to hug him. Also applause to Orlando Bloom for taking Best Breakthrough Male Performance. Even if he only did say about 15 lines in the whole movie and then just stood there and looked good. ::LAUGHS:: Oh, and Lily Baggins e-mailed me back yesterday. She's such a sweetie! And I'm going to add a link to her site hopefully tomorrow, just to make sure that I've got the URL right. If that's the case, you get to visit a lovely, well designed website done by an LotR fan of her. She's SUCH a good fan fic writer, slash or non slash, both very wonderful to read! You must visit The Library of Moria or on my side bar links until I get her site linked, hai? ::chuckles:: Oh and Lilysan, if you're reading this, sure I'll give AragornXFrodo a try once I get the BoromirXFaramir done for my imoutochan!

Well, that's all for today. Wow, this was a much longer BLOG than usual. Guess I just needed to get a lot off my chest, ne? Keep your fingers crossed for me that this job works out for me minnasan and to my Prince of Mirkwood, I love you dearly never forget that. Ja! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Have you ever wondered the "real reason" Hobbits like 'shrooms?

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