Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Woah, long time no Blog! Gomen ne minnasan, but things have been a bit crazy right now. I'm still in the midst of job hunting and well, YESTERDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! ::waves happy flag:: I'm now the massive age of 24 years! Go me! ::chuckles:: Oh, and I got tons of kewl stuff! I got the Savage Garden concert DVD, the Harry Potter collector's DVD, $50.00, a super kawaii picture of me from my on-line buddy Fairychan, some really cute cards, a nice dinner at Applebee's and of course, strawberry pie for dessert! YUM!!! It was so much fun, and my little party with my friends is on Saturday! YAY!! I would invite all of you, but as many people who apparently read this Blog, I think my home is a bit too small! XDDDD

Hokay, LotR news for today. I see that Hollywood had to keep "The Twin Towers" under it's original name. Can you believe that? They actually wanted to change the name of the movie just so they could have a bigger selling point. I always got movie dollar tallies when I worked at the store and hell, the first movie made over $600,000,000 when retail was added in and cross continental sales. Why the hell would they have a problem with the name of the second?! According to them it wasn't catchy enough. Oh geez, I mean I think Tolkien knew what he was doing don't you? ::grumbles:: But I'm happy that they had to leave it. HAH, TAKE THAT HOLLYWOOD! And three cheers for the Tolkien estate, Peter Jackson, and all the fans for keeping the name of the movie the same as the book!

Well, I had better go, I've got to head out to the great world of job hunting again. I'll be able to post more Blogs hopefully in the upcoming weeks when things get a touch less chaotic. ::HUGE HUGS TO ALL FOR THE LOVELY BIRTHDAY:: I had better head out, my brother's Seymour costumes first layer is calling too! Ja for now!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The Fellowship vs. the Snow of Cadaharas. Eight of the Fellowship: Zero for falling through, the Snow: Half a point for getting the fellowship to fall through, Legolas: Two and a half points for not falling through and then looking indifferent to everyone else while they want to hurt him.

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