Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Hokay, I've got about ten minutes before I'm discovered doing this on my office computer. Thank kamisama that I'm in the back room. If I make a lot of noise when I'm typing, they think I'm working harder! ::LAUGHS:: Okay, no seriously, if they catch me I'm sure my boss will have my head, or anything else that they could possibly take off me!

Well, I'm getting ready to raid the upcoming material sale at Wal-Mart! This week they're having a whole truckload of $1 a yard material! ::grins:: I mean, I seriously wait for days like this! I'm hoping that I'll be able to hurry and get the rest of my materials for the other three costumes! Well, my oniisan has convinced me that I must go as Rikku. I wasn't really planning too, but now that both my parents, my oniisan, and I'm pretty sure that Sissy will be with them soon, I guess Rikku it is! I can't believe it though, it's gonna' cost me about $40 for the wig! That's okay though, I'll probably use it for something else later. I still want green contacts, even better if they have Al Bhed swirls in them, but hey, anything will do!

LotR news for today... Watched the DVD last night... YES, IT WAS EVEN BETTER THE THIRD TIME!!! FRODO!!! ARAGORN!!! HEH, AND OF COURSE THE TTT PREVIEW!! AHHHHHH, FARAMIR!!! ::exhales:: Okay, I'm fine... Seriously, this was soooo good, I could have cried! Especially the TTT behind the scenes on disk two. ::swoon:: Oh kamisama, showing both Karl Urban and Dave Wenham! ::SQUEALS:: Did you see the part where Frodo and Sam are with Faramir? Yum the 10th degree! FaramirXFrodo has got to be another of my favorites, third in the list actually!

1st: BoromirXFaramir
2nd: AragornXFrodo
3rd: FaramirXFrodo

I can't wait!!! I can't wait!! Why won't December get here?! It's like the best Christmas present ever!

Oi, I had better check out of my Blog, people are starting to wonder back here and I'm bound to get caught! I'll post in a couple more days again, minnasan! Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When walking about anywhere, it's never wise to suddenly scream "My Precious!" and grab the nearest poor fool...

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