Monday, August 12, 2002

You know, in least I'm faithful in posting in one spot! ::chuckles:: I swear, if it wasn't for this journal, I'd be going insane... I'm chatting to my friend Moon-chan while I'm writing here... We've been discussing how to overthrow my the evil tyranny that I'm held under... Well hopefully I'll only have to endure it about three more weeks and I can give my two weeks notice... Or in least try and get a better position... Whatever the case may be, I hope it works out soon, oi!

Found this totally kewt quiz on Karniz Archada's Blurg today. I really dig anything Japanese, even outside of anime and they had this totally kewt quiz about what Japanese subculture I belong too! It was so true, it hit it right on the button!!


You Are a Kogyaru!

If it's cute, you'll wear it. Fake and bake, hair bleach, and bright makeup line your bathroom cabinet.

As for clothes - anything that's short and cute ("kawaii!").

You are the prize object of all sorts of men - but you are really looking for a rich foreign guy.

He'll find you out hanging out in Shibuya shopping at the 109, text messaging and sending photos over your cellphone.

What's *Your* Japanese Subculture?

Isn't that the kewlest? I LUV wearing wild clothes and having tons of fun with my makeup and hair! Maybe that's why I'm so big into cosplay, ne? Oh, and if you get the chance and know the address, go and see Karn's site right now, she's got the pertiest revamp with Yuli from the Pop n Music series as the main character! Totally kawaii! ::is in love with Yuli's Pop n Music 4 song "Cry Out"::

LotR news for today, I'm getting ready to sketch out my Faramir painting! Kee, I've got such a yummy shot of him holding his bow that I could not resist! I kinda' wanted to find that picture when he's all mussed up while taking care of Sam and Frodo... Heh, now there's a bit of Hobbit love ready to occur! Though I still stand firmly behind Faramir secretly lusting and angsting over Boromir. But I totally dig him with Frodo, thought not half as much as Frodo with Aragorn! I just read this beautiful AragornXFrodo fic at the Library of Moria, but I don't remember who wrote it! It was on the August 11th update, if anyone knows who wrote it, could they let me know? I wanna' give much praises! Oh yah, and the person who wrote the EomerXFaramir fic "Bliss" on the site too! YOU RULE!!! Seriously, that had to be one of the most beautiful pieces of fiction, slash or otherwise that I have ever read!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan... I'm sure I'll have more to Blog on soon, my oniisan's been watching the LotR second disk DVD and I've been learning so much through him! I'll be back soon, minnasan, ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Hobbit Pipeweed... Guaranteed to make you forget all your troubles... and probably your name...

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