Sunday, August 11, 2002

You know what the worst part of having my job is? The fact that I love my job and... MY BOSS IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER EVIL WOMAN!! I mean, I kid you not! I was so proud of my new brochure that I thought hell, I've done a great job? But guess what? Her mother, I'm serious about this, got upset because the printers screwed up the template and when I listened to her rant, I just smiled, trying to get through it. You know what she did then? THE WOMAN HAD THE NERVE TO SLAP ME IN THE ARM!! I mean, that's grounds for doing something drastic! She does it again, and I swear, it'll be the last time she does it. I don't annoy easily, but I'm also a person who doesn't like to get touched a whole bunch, and you NEVER slap, poke, or tweek me in any way...

Whew, now that I've got that worn out my system, I just finished sitting with the fam and taping our vacation video from the Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Isn't it funny how long it takes you to get film and pictures and stuff put together? I mean, at the end of the month will be the year anniversary since we were in Florida and it's taken this long to get all the video put together? ::laughs:: We are a very sad case.

LotR news for today, I haven't gotten the chance to watch the TTT preview again. ::sniffles:: Hai, I know, I'm hopeless. But I did download my Frodo screensaver onto my office computer. I don't know if we're allowed to do that or not, but who cares?! Besides, it entertained my coworker Janet for a long time, watching the "pretty boy" across the screen. I like Janet, she's kewl. But I haven't had my Dave Wenham fix for a while again... ...must have... faramir... Mmmm, Faramirkun... ::giggles:: Oh yah, and I took a quiz I found on Lilysan's Live Journal. Find out what Elijah Jordan Wood character you are!

Which EJW Character Are You?

You know, I always kinda figured I'd be the more creepy and geeky of his characters! ::laughs:: Ah well, I was hoping for Frodo, but hey, I can live with being super kewt but oddly paranoid Casey, ne?

I had better go for now. If I rant too much about my job, I'm liable to pop a blood vessel or something and I have so little blood to give. I'll post more soon, minnasan, ja ne for now! =^.^=v

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Due to the darkness in the Mines of Moria, no one actually saw Legolas as he secretly tapdanced through the whole mine... But, there was rumors that Gimli was suspcious of hearing show tunes...

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