Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Good news, minnasan!! I got a call back from the newspaper I applied for for the Graphics arts job. They set up an interview with me on Friday at nine a.m.! Need to keep my fingers crossed, I've got a good feeling about the job! Oh, and I just came back from Rapid City. They had an Anakin Skywalker 3 foot "working" light saber at Toys R Us! I want that thing! ::laughs:: I'm starting to think that my best friend K might be having some influence on me, I'm being drawn to Star Wars more and more... That and the super sexy Japanese fan art I've found of Obi Wan and Anakin... yummmm...

Well, my friend Nick got back from Minnesota and demanded that I go and play Kingdom Hearts immediately! ::laughs:: It's quite the rage right now. I wrote a humorous piece of fiction based on the same idea as Cassandra Claire's brilliant LotR slash parody pieces, "The Very Secret Diaries..." I wrote Squall's training journal of Sora. Don't know if I'll publish it myself, but LNchan is welcome to it!

Oh, took another quiz, this was to see how my original characters were written. ::HENTAI GRIN::

They're sex addicts.

are your characters?

Quiz made by Zarah.

::ROFLMAO:: I think that I appreciate this far more than I should! You see, my main characters Alessander and Alex are literally two sex crazed maniacs for each other! Mmm, and this picture they used is ultra sexy too... ::laughs again:: Oi, I think LNchan will get a kick out of this as much as I do! She loves Alessander and Alex... And they try to love Luonn as much as possible... Heh...

LotR news for today, I picked up a couple more of those loverly Art Box 3-D cards! KEE, I GOT STRIDER!! ::swoons:: Oh my gosh, it's the sequence in which he's getting ready to battle the Nazgul on Weathertop. All I could think of was our dear poor Frodo watching the beautiful king go to battle for him! Now talk about a slash option there! ::giggles:: Oh, and a big hello to the wonderful and talented Hajimesama at Falls and Falls! I LUV your work! Elijiah is so perty when you draw him and so is Viggo!

Well, that's all for today. Gomen ne there isn't more, and thank you to all for 600+ hits! Please, please, please sign my Guestbook, minnasan! Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You actually know where all the incorrect moments and small film bloopers are... By memory...

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