Sunday, September 22, 2002

Hey, minnasan, I'm back!!!! ::laughs:: I just got back from NDK 2002 about three hours ago and figured I'd best post my report while it's fresh in my mind! There won't be any LotR news or a random thought today, but it'll be back by tomorrow! I hope you all enjoy my report and I had such a blast! So, here it goes!!

Nan Desu Kan2002--Rock On Report


Well, we headed out of the great town of Spearfish bright and early at 7:30 a.m. Crossed into "The Wyoming Zone" around 8:30... For anyone who doesn't know, I would like to reiterate once again that Wyoming is a state that one drives through, you don't actually stay there! We got to the Sleep Inn around 3:15 p.m. After last year's fiasco with the staff, we went and paid cash and this time they were actually nice about it! Yosha! We got into our costumes and headed on over, Oniisan as Sanzo in his "folded down" robes, Sissy as Yaone, me as Cho Hakkai and Jason as the "Random Anime Thug..." ::laughs:: We actually just dubbed him that since he was such a big guy! Registration took FOREVER and I'm not sure it was worth the trouble of preregistering. We wandered for a bit, and my Oniisan got in line for the costume contest on Saturday. Got GLOMPED big time by my Imoutochan and her friend! ::grinz:: I gave my Imoutochan the Sanzo handbag and an acrylic painting of Faramir from Lord of the Rings. I think she really liked it! Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, imoutochan! Got my bag of free stuff stolen with my shitajiki board of Gojyo in it... THE BASTARDS!!! Anyhoo, we went all out to dinner at Applebee's after Oniisan had registered for the costume contest. It was a riot watching all the looks we got and we all had quite a fun time! Domo arigato imoutochan for inviting us along! We'll have to do it next year again! Went back to the hotel room exhausted, I fell asleep on the floor... ::ZZZZZZZZ::


Got up bright and early and dressed in our costumes once again! My Oniisan popped back on his Sanzo costume, Sissy became her famous Moogle carrying a LuLu handbag and I changed into my Rikku outfit with my Kingdom Hearts Squall handbag. There wasn't a lot to do when we got there, so we all checked out this super funny anime called "Gate Keepers!" I really dug it, I might check it out again in the future. Hit the dealer's room once again, but I kept pooling my money, I wanted to make sure I could eat later! Had TONS of pics taken in my Rikku costume, my favorite being the one that was taken with me and the wedding Yuna, she was so sweet! I was also told by many people I was the best Rikku any of them had every seen and the most authentic, go me! Only bummer was that Kevin Lilliard from "A Fan's View" didn't get a shot of me in the outfit! ::sniffles:: If anyone has pictures of me in my Cho Hakkai or Rikku costume from this convention, please e-mail them to me, I would like to post them on my cosplay sites! Domo arigato... Anyhoo, we went back to the hotel room and got my Oniisan set in his competition costume, being Seymour Guado! He even went to the extent of humoring me and putting on the long fake nail tips and having his nails painted. He looked pretty damn kewl if I say so myself. We then went back to the convention and watched an unsubtitled anime called "Noir." Totally didn't get it, they were in France with french names and they all spoke Japanese. It was a big weird. We decided to go back to the hotel and get the nails off Oniisan's hands, which turned out to be a good idea. Kevin Lilliard had already gotten his shots of Oniisan's costume and me wearing my Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary holding the Kingdom Hearts Squall handbag... ::waves to Kamuisama...GOMEN, IT WAS THE WRONG COSTUME, RIGHT BAG!:: Oniisan rested in the hotel for a while, so Sissy and I went back and joined Jason for the Crispan Freeman expo on what makes a hero in anime or in life. Crispan is a very, very nice man. I got his autograph, Scott McNeils, and Angora's, she's a Hello Kitty fan like me! All were very funny! Oniisan finally got in line for the cosplay competiton and get this, they were running an HOUR AND A HALF LATE!!! Oh my gosh, it really was awful! Oniisan was stuck in that very uncomfortable Seymour costume for five and a half hours! Jason, Sissy and I were stuck outside in line for a good hour and fifteen minutes in the cold too! But, the competition finally occurred, I have to admit, that Seymour costume looked very good and alot of people complimented Oniisan on it. Didn't win anything, but I am eternally grateful that he did this for me. The cosplay skits were hilarious as usual, and the prizes were VERY nice, but maybe we'll win next year ne? Went to Subway afterwards and had the world's worst service... Figures... LITERALLY fell asleep on the floor at the hotel... ::ZZZZZZZZ::


Got up after seven and got everything hauled to the car. Checked out of the Sleep Inn after breakfast and headed back to the con. Caught the English dub of "Vampire Princess Miyu" in video room one, it was very kewl! Headed to the dealer's room, and had my picture taken with one of the dealer's in my normal clothes 'cuz he liked my t-shirt... ::laughs:: Now that was the oddest photo op I've ever been a part of. Anyhoo, bought much stuff! Jason, Sissy and Oniisan seemed to come out quite well too. Finished shopping and finally headed out and back out from Denver. Drive didn't take as long as expected! Final result when arriving home of kewl anime stuff:

1. UFO Cho Hakkai and a beautiful Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo scratch print from my Imoutochan! Luv you!

2. Sha Gojyo shitajiki board (got stolen, THE BASTARDS!)

3. UFO Sha Gojyo for me and a UFO Genjo Sanzo for Sissy

4. Gensomaden Saiyuki RELOAD shitjaki board

5. Zelgadiss and Ameria shitajki board for Jason

6. LOTS O' POCKY and Japanese soda!

Overall, the convention was a ball. You will find the pictures of me, my Sissy and my Oniisan on Fan's View. Look for the only Sanzo, the Moogle carrying the LuLu handbag, the only Seymour and the Setsuna with the Kingdom Hearts Squall handbag and that would be us! Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

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