Saturday, September 14, 2002

I figured I'd best post before my boss comes in this morning. She went on the rampage about us using the Internet yesterday. Heh, she doesn't realize that when she's gone most of us use it any ways. It's not like I'm surfing for porn sites! I actually just use the computer to check out cosplay and costume patterns. She actually doesn't seem to mind me using it as much as anyone else. That's one small plus, but it's not gonna' matter pretty soon any ways 'cuz next Thursday, I'm out of here! ::does happy dance:: Even if I don't know where I'm going, I don't care right now, 'cuz in least I know I'm not gonna' be miserable!

Took another quiz, this is non anime and non LotR! Ah, I know you're all shocked, but I dig makeup to an extent, so I took the What Kind of Makeup Are You? quiz... Here are the results!

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I was a bit suprised to be honest! More because I can't wear much by Covergirl, it actually irritates my skin! ::laughs:: I'm more for the Hard Candy, Urban Decay, Manic Panic, Hello Kitty lines, etc! Aye, I still kinda' live by my "Once a Goth, Always a Goth" mentality... Maybe I should have my "Lolita the Psychotic Maid" be a mascot for a makeup company, ne?

Well, I'm winding down on the costumes. I didn't get my Sissy's Moogle wings done as I was finishing up my handbags. Going with us to the convention will be as follows:

1. Sha Gojyo to go with my Hakkai costume
2. Kouagaiji to go with my Sissy's Yaone costume
3. Kingdom Heart's FF8 Squall to go with my Rikku costume (I JUST COULDN'T RESIST, HE'S TOO KEWT IN THAT GAME!!)
4. LuLu to go with my Sissy's Moogle costume
5. Genjo Sanzo as a gift to my Imoutochan

Kewl, ne? I love making these bags, their so much fun! My coworker even wants to buy a couple from me for her niece and her friend's niece! Kee, I might have an industry yet, ne?...

LotR news for today, I was wandering around the Borders book store and once again saw the Aragorn stand up. Had to remind myself not to go about throwing myself on top of the card board standie and kissing it senseless. Hai, I openly admit that in this case I am uterally hopeless!... Oooh, and I want my doujinshi to get her so bad!... ::grumbles:: Why does snail mail have to take SO long?! I know, I know, I should be grateful it's even coming but it's just taking too long! I want it before I leave to NDK! Heh, so I can show my dear Imoutochan, Faramirchan that I too have the LotR piece missing in our lives! ::laughs:: I can't wait to start on the costumes! Arwen and Aragorn shall rule the movie theatre this winter!

Anyhoo, I had better go, peeps are starting to show up for work and I can't afford to be caught. Not that I should have anything to worry about, I'm leaving in less than a week! ::victory sign:: Please, please, please sign my Guestbook if you like my Blog, minnasan! Domo arigato and Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You have the White Tree embroidered into the front of ALL your clothing...

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