Thursday, September 12, 2002

I'm winding down on my few days still here at the real estate agency. I'm gonna' miss a lot of my coworkers, but I'm sure as hell NOT going to miss my boss! Oi, she's as sweet as sugar now to me knowing that I'll be leaving now. Makes me disgusted some times, I swear. People annoy me WAY too much for my tastes. Heh, and I work in advertising, how sick is that?... =T.T= But you gotta' pay the bills somehow!

So happy!! Tonight and maybe a bit of tomorrow and all the costumes for this years NDK trip will be finished! I did Rikku's padded glove last night but hated the results, so with my mom's incredibly insightful idea, I'm redoing it tonight! The way my mum saw it, it'll actually hold together and not fall apart when I wear it! Yosha! I still hate the padded glove though. I mean, Rikku is such a super kewtie, and then she's got this bulky arm thing? Oh well, can't have everything, ne? Oooh, and I get to do Sissy's new Moogle wings! I can't wait to do these, I've been saving them for last because they're gonna' look so kewl! I know that most Moogles have those short little wings, but I decided this year to make wings that attack with ribbons to my Sissy's arms so when she folds out her arms, you can see them! I can't wait to see the results, they're gonna' look so lovely!

Took another anime quiz, this was to see what kind of Anime Soundtrack I'd have... I'm starting to see a trend in all my results.

Take the Anime soundtrack Quiz

Another Angel Sanctuary result! Ooh, Setsuna's on this button. I'm debating whether or not to throw together a Setsuna costume for Sunday at NDK. I've already got the white button up shirt, the black pants and the white wings, I just need the white bandage and a little fake blood... Hmmm... ::considers it::

LotR news for today, Aestheticism just e-mailed me telling my LotR doujinshi is on it's way!! YOSHA!! Heh, I'm just in it for the AragornXBoromir sequence, everyone else can have the AragornXLegolas section. Aye, I'm not a very big fan of that pairing. I think it's 'cuz I see it so often. I admit, I rather like Legolas with Sam, but I'm weird that way. Oooh, and they've got the lovely LotR action figures on clearance at my toy store! Heh, gonna' have to stock up so I can be ready for the Two Towers premier. Speaking of that, man, I've got to start kickin' on my Strider and Arwen costumes if I want to get them done by December! Yah, figured out that I never stop sewing now, haven't you? Strider is gonna' be expensive, but I think if I use cheap upholstery vinyl instead of real leather, that will cut the cost down big time! Oi, just a bit obsessed, ain't I?...

That be all for today, it's gonna be a busy afternoon and I've had like four hours of sleep. Bah, sleep is for the weak, who needs it, nyo? Anyhoo, lots to look forward to next week, I'll post soon again, minnasan, ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You go to the extent of buying grey contact lenses and always making sure your hair is dyed black and worn long.

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